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To Have and Have Not / NewsReal Blog David Horowitz examines the Left's vision that divides the world into good and evil, victim and victimizer. ....more
The Thin Line Between Liberalism and Stalinism By: James Lewis / American Thinker
Totalitarianism tempts all who seek to change the world. ....more
Utopia vs. Freedom By: Thomas Sowell / The Washington Times
On health care -- just as on all other issues -- "perfection" has its price. ....more
Leszek Kolakowski, 1927-2009 By: Roger Kimball / The Weekly Standard
The preeminent anti-Marxist intellectual passes away at the age of 81. ....more
Leszek Kolakowski, 1927-2009 By: Roger Kimball / The Weekly Standard
Demolisher of Marxism passes away at 81. ....more
ObamaCare’s False Promises By: Jamie Glazov
How “free” care will become no care in a government-run system. ....more
Making Peace with David Horowitz By: Jamie Glazov
After a battle with Frontpage's Editor-in-Chief, a believer finds his way out of the Left. ....more
Remembering Tiananmen Square By: Claudia Rosett / Forbes.com
On this 20th anniversary, how should we remember that day? ....more
Bankrolling the Left Venture capitalist Andrew Rappaport has become a major funder of leftwing causes. ....more
A Murder Revisited By: John Perazzo
Were Weathermen Ayers and Dohrn involved in the 1970 killing of a policeman? ....more
The Inequality Illusion By: John Perazzo
How the myth of gender discrimination propelled Obama to the White House. ....more
Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid on Jonestown By: Daniel J. Flynn / flynnfiles.com
Suicide cult leader Jim Jones: the Left's cherished hero. ....more
Stalin's Comeback By: Vasko Kohlmayer
The rise of Neo-Sovietism in Russia. ....more
An American Triumph By: Ben Johnson
An American Carol: a hilarious, thoughtful, star-studded, conservative comedy with high production values – at last. ....more
Murder Capital of the World By: David Paulin
So much for Chavez's socialist paradise. ....more
Seeing "Hate Groups" Everywhere Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center generally give a free pass to hate mongers on the Left. ....more
The Forsaken By: Lloyd Billingsley
An American tragedy in Stalin’s Russia. ....more
Re-Establishing The Cold War Connection? By: Stephen Brown
Syrian president's trip to Russia makes Israel nervous. ....more
Sticking it to Gazprom By: Joseph Somsel / American Thinker
How Russia uses natural gas as a weapon. ....more
Seer of Evil By: Theodore Dalrymple / City Journal
Alexander Solzhenitsyn rendered illusion not just stupid, but wicked. ....more
Venezuela's Weak Strongman By: Jaime Daremblum / The Weekly Standard
Why Chávez's bite doesn't match his bark. ....more
Perverted Patriotism By: Stephen Brown
China’s dark, Maoist side emerges at the Olympic Games. ....more
The Soviet Ambassador By: Lloyd Billingsley
A new biography tries its hand at moral equivalence between East and West. ....more
Sing a Song of Freedom By: Lloyd Billingsley
How the Treble Clef trumped the Hammer and Sickle in Estonia. ....more
Marxist, Anti-Israel Activist Former Black Panther supporter Lenni Brenner rages against Israeli "racism" and "apartheid." ....more
Top Ten Skeletons in the Left's Closet By: Daniel J. Flynn
A frightening history swept under the rug. ....more
Beijing Embraces Classical Fascism By: Michael Ledeen / Far Eastern Economic Review (May 2008)
...and pays homage to the idols of false past. ....more
How Liberalism Lost a Liberal By: Dennis Prager
When my liberal party became a leftist one, it left me behind. ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
The Two Faces of Communist Laos By: Michael Benge
A look behind the bamboo curtain. ....more
Cuba's Phony Transition By: James M. Roberts and Ray Walser / The Heritage Foundation
Fidel resigns, Raul reigns. ....more
Castro Steps Down An in-depth look at the life and political career of the longtime Cuban dictator. ....more
The Killing Fields' Camera Man By: Doug Bandow
How a photographer is helping Cambodia bring justice to the Khmer Rouge -- and humanize the regime's victims. ....more
Lee Harvey Oswald's Malign Legacy By: Daniel Pipes
How the Kennedy assassination corrupted American liberalism. ....more
Are The Poor Getting Poorer? By: Walter Williams / The Washington Times
Why our poor are the envy of the world's poor. ....more
Surviving Stalin By: Ron Capshaw
A review of The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia. ....more
Why Democrats Are Backing Hillary By: Dick Morris
She's a vicious fighter, just like the average leftist. ....more
Banning the Flag in North Carolina By: Janet Levy
Students are denied an opportunity to express patriotism in their very own country. ....more
The Left After Camelot By: Ron Capshaw
How JFK’s assassination led to the liberal crack-up. ....more
Reno 911 By: Ann Coulter
Alberto Gonzales was flawed, but at least he was not Janet Reno. ....more
Michael Moore Accuses Republican of Hypocrisy The filmmaker challenges Fred Thompson on issues relating to health care and U.S. relations with Cuba." ....more
The Leftist Who Learned By: Ron Capshaw
Far-Left screenwriter Morrie Ryskind valiantly exposed Communist infiltration of Hollywood. ....more
The Return of the Red Army Faction By: Jacob Laksin
Germany’s Communist terror gang revives a tragic Cold War past. ....more
Don't Free Leonard Peltier By: Jack Cashill
Why the Left’s favorite activist belongs behind bars.

Trinity of Passion By: Ron Capshaw
A new book exposes Arthur Miller’s communist past and other unflattering truths about the literary Left.

Orwell vs. Communism By: Ron Capshaw
Clarifying the battle of ideas. ....more
The Left's Tragic Flaw By: Dennis Prager

Why leftists never ask, "What comes next?"

Chavez’s New Statism By: David Paulin
The history of one Venezuelan company shows that socialism and business don’t mix.

The Blacklist's Censor By: Ron Capshaw
How one of the Communist Party's most prominent screenwriters left the blacklist but never left the ideological plantation. ....more
Pinochet’s Complex Legacy By: Michael Radu
Chile’s strongman earned the Left’s scorn but saved his country.

The Dictator and Double-Standards By: Jacob Laksin
The real Pinochet record. ....more
American Cold War Culture By: Ron Capshaw
A new book attempts to halt history around 1970. ....more
Jeane Kirkpatrick, RIP By: Ben Johnson
Her moral resolve, brilliance, and steadfast determination put America’s interests first -- and its best face forward. ....more
Why Nancy Pelosi Thinks As She Does By: John Perazzo
The psychology of the Hate-America-First Left. ....more
Just Say Yes! This is the thirtieth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage Magazine will re-publish in its entirety. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetworks.org. ....more
Swedish Surprise By: Nima Sanandaji
A center-right party redraws the political map. ....more
Profiles in Left-Wing Hypocrisy By: Anne Henderson / NEWS.com.au
Not practicing what they preach.

The Evils of Ideology By: Theodore Dalrymple / New English Review
Remembering the crimes committed in the name of utopia. ....more
Moving On to Anti-Semitism By: Robert Goldberg / The Washington Times
The netroot Left’s latest hate campaign. ....more
What's Your Zone? By: John Leo / Lake Sun Leader

Are zone-thinkers "hate free" or just ridiculous?

Leaving the Left By: Seth Swirsky / RealClearPolitics.com
How I learned to stop worrying and hate the terrorists. ....more
What is a "Reactionary"? By: Barry Loberfeld
Turning back the clock of history. ....more
Who Is Really Oppressing the Palestinians? By: David Meir-Levi
How Muslims and Arabs sacrifice their own. ....more
Why the Left Really Hates Alito By: Dennis Prager
The Left thinks the courtroom is a place to screw rich white males, not enforce justice. ....more
Bodies of Evidence This is the twentieth issue of Heterodoxy, the celebrated journal edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz, which FrontPage will re-publish in its entirety over the next two years. All the issues will be archived on DiscoverTheNetworks.org. ....more
The Rosenberg Spy Ring: Still Guilty By: Eric Fettman / New York Post
Forgotten spies who helped build the Evil Empire. ....more
Symposium: Leaving the Political Faith By: Jamie Glazov
A distinguished panel of former leftists discusses the torturous journey of leaving the Left. ....more
Unanswered Questions By: Joel Mowbray
Which items on International ANSWER’s extremist agenda does the antiwar Left reject? ....more
The Fall of My Leftist House of Mirrors By: Michael Lopez-Calderon / Calderon's Call
How I abandoned my leftist illusions and returned to my political roots.

The Lies of the Destructive Generation By: David Horowitz / ModestyZone.net
Today's college students feel intense pressure from the academic environment -- and their leftist parents. ....more
Pacifists for Genocide By: Eugene Girin
A group of "educators" on the other side of the war on terror. ....more
Amnesty International's Tortured Comparison By: Dennis Prager
The human rights watchdog has become just another trafficker in morally bankrupt anti-Americanism.

Without Amnesty By: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu
Amnesty International ignored this testimony from inside real gulags. ....more
Vindication: There Is An Unholy Alliance By: David Horowitz

British Laborite and progressive George Galloway calls for a formal uniting of the left in the West with the Islamic jihadists in the war on terror. Lawyers led by anti-American, pro-Communist, jihad sympathizer Michael Ratner descend on Guantanomo.

Salvador Allende's Secret A new book outs Chile’s leftist icon as an anti-Semite and a fascist.

Unlearned Rabbi Rages at Ratzinger By: Ilana Mercer
Michael Lerner blindly attacks Benedict XVI. ....more
The Left That Dares Not Speak Its Name By: Lawrence Auster
The real reason the Left rejects labels.

Why Liberals Can't Make Air America Fly By: Brian C. Anderson / Los Angeles Times
On its first birthday, the left-wing radio network has nothing to celebrate. ....more
An Anti-Communist Reading List By: Mike Adams / Townhall.com
Your college years are a terrible thing to waste on leftist propaganda; here's the remedy. ....more
Chomsky's Book Burners By: Tom Nichols
Chomsky's followers attack the Anti-Chomsky Reader. Not that they've read it. ....more
A Champion of Liberty By: Stephen Schwartz / NY Post
A fallen former Castroite shows the way to Cuba's salvation. ....more
Defining the Left By: David Horowitz

Our picture grid on DiscoverTheNetwork revised. And why we did it.

High Court Hypocrisy By: Barry Loberfeld
The strange case of Justice Breyer and Mr. Dionne. ....more
The Bankruptcy of Cold War "Revisionism" By: K. C. Johnson / NAS Online Forum
Historians who distort the past in order to lie about the present. ....more
How a Leftist Saw the Light By: Burt Prelutsky / Washington Times
I chose common sense over the advice of my trendy friends. ....more
Freedom of Speech Denied in Berkeley By: Suzanne DeWitt / ChronWatch
The city is stalling on granting a permit for a "Rally Against Global Terrorism." ....more
The Myth of the Working Poor By: Steven Malanga / City Journal

How welfare has failed as a strategy in the War on Poverty.


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