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Under New Management By: David Keene
The administration steals Chrysler from its stockholders and delivers it to the UAW. ....more
Big Fraud Returns to Big Labor By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
The Obama DOL puts investigations into union fraud on ice. ....more
Unintended Consequences of Card Check By: Dr. John A. Sparks
The unions may set off a perpetual anti-union campaign. ....more
Employers Face a Union-Fed Vice By: E. Ralph Hostetter
The other problem with the Employee Free Choice Act. ....more
A Leftist in Labor By: John Perazzo
Hilda Solis gives solace to the Laborite Hard-Left. ....more
Through a Glass Darkly By: Michael Reitz, J.D.
Obama's plans to let labor unions operate in the dark. ....more
The Employee Intimidation Act By: Dr. John A. Sparks
The EFCA would scuttle democracy in favor of union thugs. ....more
America's Largest Labor Union An inside look at the radical agenda of the National Education Association. ....more
Can Union Shrinkage be Reversed? We doubt Obama and the Congress will give the idea more than lip service. ....more
Who is Obama's Labor Secretary? A comprehensive look at the career and politics of Hilda Solis. ....more
The UAW's $27 Million Country Club By: Matt Cover
The union officials who refuse to concede are surrounded by golf courses, condos, and swimming pools. ....more
Union Power, Political Potholes By: Gary Andres / Washington Times
The Democrats owe the AFL-CIO, SEIU and others a debt that could cost them the 2010 elections. ....more
Myths of Organized Labor Don’t thank unions for improvements in American working conditions. ....more
An Alternative to the Bailout By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
An autopsy of the Big Three. ....more
Bailing on the Bailout By: Bill Steigerwald
Dan Ikenson discusses the problems the Big Three cannot buy their way out of. ....more
Here Come the Unions By: Claire Berlinski / City Journal
Democrats prepare to follow Margaret Thatcher’s example—but backward. ....more
A Commendation for -- George McGovern? By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
The champion of the Party of Defeat deserves credit for supporting secret ballot elections for labor unions. ....more
Labor Day: What Are We Celebrating? By: Jason Clemens
The advance of unionism. ....more
Big Labor's Campaign to Mislead Workers By: James Sherk / The Heritage Foundation
Employee Free Choice Act effectively eliminates the secret ballot. ....more
Chavez's Big Labor Allies By: Mark W. Hendrickson
John Sweeney helps undermine Colombia in its war against FARC terrorists. ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
Laboring to Hurt Homeland Security By: Paul M. Weyrich
Union regulations are a potentially serious handicap to an effective reaction to terrorism. ....more
Unions Attempt to Abolish the Secret Ballot By: James Sherk
"The Employee Free Choice Act" doesn't help employees or freedom. ....more
Who's the Boss? By: Lee Wishing
In education, union fat cats are king. ....more
The Unions of Tomorrow By: Mark W. Hendrickson

Some friendly advice to spare organized labor from extinction.

The Unions' Newest Bamboozle By: Pejman Yousefzadeh / The American
Checking the facts on the Democrats' "card check" bill. ....more
Big Labor's "Employee No-Choice Act" By: John N. Raudabaugh
The Democrats aren't pro-choice about everything. ....more
The NEA: Classroom Bullies By: Michael Reitz
The far-Left union fights to force teachers to underwrite its political agenda. ....more
Kill Union Special Interests By: Cindy Omlin and Mark Mix
The Supreme Court sides with unions instead of workers. ....more
Unions Against Labor: The Latest Front By: Mark Mix
Big Labor's $40 million push to implement its newest intimidating agenda. ....more
Celebrate American Labor, Not Unions By: Carl F. Horowitz
The annual holiday is a good reminder of union corruption. ....more
What is a "Reactionary"? By: Barry Loberfeld
Turning back the clock of history. ....more
Unions Sweep Away Janitors' Rights By: Stefan Gleason
A hunger strike at the University of Miami will deprive janitors the right to a secret ballot. ....more
Immigration Rallies: Look for the Union Label By: Byron York / The Hill
Border-jumpers choose to UNITE HERE. ....more
Labor's Slow Death? By: Bill Steigerwald
Is the secret ballot on its way to becoming extinct in union elections? ....more
Time to Take on this Teachers Union By: Frederick M. Hess and Martin R. West / AEI.org
Screwing kids for the benefit of the incompetent. ....more
Spoiled French Riot for Socialism By: Dennis Prager
Pampered Francs blow up cars to protest a bill allowing employers to fire them from their first job. ....more
Port Fear By: Lowell Ponte
Port security has been left in the hands of a union with a history of violence and mafia ties. ....more
Fragging Paul Hackett By: Lowell Ponte
The Left ushers an antiwar veteran off the political stage. ....more
Teachers Unions vs. Education By: John Stossel / Townhall.com
Good luck firing anyone, for any reason, ever. ....more
Who Is Really Oppressing the Palestinians? By: David Meir-Levi
How Muslims and Arabs sacrifice their own. ....more
The Law That Saved New York Commuters By: Carl F. Horowitz
A 40-year-old statute allowed Mayor Bloomberg to halt an illegal strike and get the Big Apple moving again. ....more
Mayor Bloomberg, Pull a Reagan By: Michael Reagan
Fire the strikers and save the city. ....more
Merry Christmas: The Union Got You Fired By: Michael Reitz
Deck this union's halls with cash, or it will see that you get the axe. ....more
Laboring the Point By: Bryan O'Keefe / Doublethink
Big Labor champions an unlikely class of the downtrodden: Ivy League teaching assistants. ....more
Defunding Leftist Unions By: Carl F. Horowitz
A new ballot measure on the Left Coast may give workers the right to keep their money out of labor's and leftist politicians' hands. ....more
Putting Unions Above Security By: Joel Mowbray
The TSA is reversing itself, unionizing a vital airport position and diminishing Homeland Security. ....more
Labor Wars Rising? By: Carl F. Horowitz
The recent civil war between powerful unions may lead to the next round of anti-capitalist activism. ....more
More Unions, More Corruption By: Stefan Gleason

The SEIU/AFL-CIO split only gives Big Labor more "shake down" power.

Socialist Union Leader AFL-CIO President John Sweeney sees free-market capitalism as not essential to worker prosperity but as the enemy in class warfare. ....more
Teachers Unions: Merit Pay is "Crazy" By: Stan Greer
Is it wrong to tie paychecks to performance? ....more
Teachers' Unions for Indoctrination By: Sara Dogan
The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers team up to smear the Academic Bill of Rights. ....more
Hoffa's Sleazy Sidekick By: Stan Greer
Mandatory union membership protects high-ranking officials accused of embezzling dues. ....more
Big Labor vs. Frequent Flyers By: Stan Greer
How a govt-backed union may have killed U.S. Airways and kept travelers from getting home for the holidays. ....more
SEIU's Hostile Leftist Takeover By: William R. Hawkins
Ivy League elitists plan to take over the AFL-CIO and channel its power for the Hate America Left. ....more
San Francisco's Anti-GOP Pogrom By: Justin Jouvenal / San Mateo County Times
Fireman John Darminin has charged into burning buildings, but his hottest assignment was serving in union leadership as a Republican. ....more
The Radical Power Behind the Democrats By: William R. Hawkins
The head of the nation's largest union says defeating John Kerry would bring the nation closer to his socialist utopia. ....more
Confessions of an Ex-Union Man By: Anonymous
How my years in the movement taught me the truth about America's anti-democratic, anti-worker, corrupt labor unions. ....more
AFL-CIO Motto: "Kick Me Again!" By: Ann Coulter
The mega-union supports candidates who oppose the agenda of...organized labor. ....more
The Iowa Union Revolt By: David Kendrick
The Iowa caucuses proved union voters don't follow their bosses . . . but their money does. ....more
Anarchy in Miami By: Jorge Torres

Anti-globalization protests and the exhibitionism of depravity.

UC's Radical Regent By: Kimberly Schuld
Meet Gray Davis' last, desperate payoff to the far-Left: labor union leftist Delores Huerta. ....more
Yale's Capitalist Swine By: William F. Buckley Jr. / Townhall.com
Ivy League leftists begin union-busting. ....more
Atlas Shrugging in Santa Fe How the "living wage" campaign is killing local economies. ....more
Union U By: Steven Malanga / City Journal

Labor and academia team up to wage hate and destruction.

Labor Historians' Infatuation with Marxism By: Anders Lewis

Professors continue to fight the evil empire: America.

Labor Unions on Campus Dealt Devasting Blow By: Joseph J. Sabia
Cornell University graduate student body, known for its embrace of all things liberal, categorically reject attempts by labor organizers to join the United Auto Workers (UAW). ....more
Fifth Column Labor

When we launched our war on al-Qaeda, it took only a few clicks from the AFL-CIO homepage to get to articles by Noam Chomsky alleging that we were planning a genocide.

Labor Daydreams By: Lowell Ponte

We'll take our holiday without the Marxism, thank you.

Free Trade vs. "Fair" Trade By: Larry Elder
Who believes most in free trade – Democrats or Republicans? The answer might surprise. ....more
Beware the Gepper Richard Gephardt is going from strength to strength. Alas. ....more
Decline of Eurosocialism By: Lowell Ponte
THE RIGHT IS WINNING CONTROL of France’s legislature, if trends from this past weekend’s first round of voting continue next weekend, as polls say they will. ....more

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