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Hate Crimes Against Freedom By: Matt Gurney
Pending hate crimes legislation is misguided and will have a chilling effect on free speech. ....more
The Unsung Heroes of the Cold War By: Ron Capshaw
A review of Harvey Klehr and John Earl Haynes's Early Cold War Spies. ....more
Heterodoxy Lives! By: Peter Collier
The most famous intellectual thorn in the side of the left during the Clinton years is re-born on FrontPagemag.com. ....more
The Lies of the Destructive Generation By: David Horowitz / ModestyZone.net
Today's college students feel intense pressure from the academic environment -- and their leftist parents. ....more
The Gay Left's Road to Utopia

Are radical gay leaders really in touch with those whom they claim to represent?

Sex, Decency and the Role of the State By: Tammy Bruce
Santorum's comments were off-base, but not for the reasons the media claim they were. ....more
Britain's Real Political Prisoner By: Val MacQueen
The UK's "human rights" lobby fights to keep an innocent man in jail in order to protect burglars from harm. ....more
Welcome to the Bacchanal By: Tammy Bruce
An abridged excerpt from Tammy's forthcoming book, The Death of Right and Wrong. ....more
The Man Who Set Off an Immigration Timebomb

A former British diplomat has published unpleasant truths.  How undiplomatic.

Why Do Arabs Ignore Their Flaws? The former Prime Minister of Libya says Arabs blame others for their own sins ....more
A Quack Is Dead Patrick Chavis was the black medical student who took Allan Bakke's place. He became an MD and maimed and killed his black patients through sheer incompetence. ....more
Ovedue Recognition for a Cold War Hero Igor Gouzenko defected 57 years ago and revealed to the world the existence of a Soviet spy ring in Canada and the United States. ....more
Alienation in A Time of War By: David Horowitz

The New Yorker attacks The Constitution

Outed as a Commie By: David Harsanyi
Village Voice editor Richard Goldstein, relentless witch-hunter and brainless totalitarian, cries wolf. ....more
Liberal in Name Only How the left loathes liberty but loves sex, drugs, and The Glorious Jihad. ....more
The Destructive Romance of the Intellectuals By: David Horowitz

The progressive movement is anything but.

Stereotyping and the Decline of Common Sense By: Paul Hollander

The uses of profiling -- good and bad.


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