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Racist Murderer Squared Mumia Abu Jamal remembers Huey Newton. ....more
Democrat for Castro and Mugabe Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron, onetime member of the Black Panthers, frequently inveighs against "white" influence. ....more
Farrakhan's Racist Protege New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz says America is lucky "that every black man is not on a killing spree." ....more
UN Envoy Calls for End of Israel By: P. David Hornik
For John Dugard, one Jewish state is too many. ....more
Jews and Honkeys Need Not Apply By: Steven Vincent

Pittsburgh’s Carnegie-Mellon University hosts a Jew-hating Black Panther racist.

Murder of Police Officer Tied to Black Panthers By: Paul Gustafson and Howie Padilla and Curt Brown / Minneapolis Star Tribune

A vicious crime finally solved three and a half decades later.

test standard By: Steve Sexton
my test summary ....more
New Black Panther Mouthpiece By: Richard J. Rosendall
Malik Zulu Shabazz revives black racism's most violent legacy. ....more
The Panthers for Real By: Kate Coleman

An "academic" conference looks at the “The Black Panther Party in Historical Perspective.” The myth continues.

Inglewood's Black Police Chief The problem in Inglewood isn't white racism or rogue cops. ....more
9-11 Security Failures Traced to Cold War 'Denial' Then, we were soft on communism; now, look out. ....more
White Man's Burden To promote racial diversity, John Kasprowicz went to his job as a $95,000 geologist at Argonne National Laboratory every day for nearly two years and did nothing. ....more
Nowhere to Hide A new bio of terrorist Cathy Soliah takes a hard look at the SLA. ....more
Ashcroft’s Racial Profiling Problem The attorney general has more important tasks than proving he’s not a racist. ....more
Bobby Seale’s Confession: Confirming the Truths of David Horowitz By: Jamie Glazov
BOBBY SEALE, THE FORMER CHAIRMAN AND CO-FOUNDER of the Black Panther Party, has just recently made a confession about Panther criminality that has vindicated what David Horowitz has been saying for years. ....more
Panther Leader Seale Confesses By: Dan Flynn
The radio show on which Bobby Seale and I appeared and which he refers to in this partial confession was hosted by Pat Buchanan and Al From. Far from "busting [my] butt," Seale conceded both on air and off that what I was saying about Panther criminality was right. But he contended that it was all Eldridge Cleaver's fault and/or that he (Seale) knew nothing about it at the time. Seale is correct that when Newton, Elaine Brown and other Panthers murdered Betty Van Patter, he was no longer a member of the party. He had been beaten up and sodomized by Newton and had disappeared for more than a year because he was afraid for his life. ....more
A Panther’s Trial: Another Vindication of David Horowitz By: Jamie Glazov

David Horowitz' claims about Black Panther criminality are resoundingly confirmed during the murder trial of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, a.k.a. H. Rap Brown. 

Happy Kwanzaa By: Paul Mulshine
Those who celebrate Kwanzaa do so in blissful ignorance of the sordid violence, paranoia, and mayhem that helped generate its birth some three decades ago. ....more
Brain Dead Till the End By: David Horowitz
IN THE DECEMBER 20, 1999 Salon there appear two responses from the subjects of my Letter to the Past, which appeared in Salon's December 13th issue under the title Who Killed Betty Van Patter. One of them was from Art Goldberg, whose letter accusing me of not taking responsibility for Betty Van Patter's death was the occasion of mine. ....more
Letter to the Past By: David Horowitz
Twenty-five years ago, on this date exactly, my friend Betty Van Patter disappeared from a local tavern on University Avenue, called the Berkeley Square, and was never seen alive again. ....more
Mainstreaming the Panthers Denying the truth about the Panthers in Oakland ....more
The Race Card By: David Horowitz

Republication of an article that originally appeared in Heterodoxy, October 1995. 

WHEN IT WAS REVEALED that Lionel Cryer, the male juror who flashed O. J. Simpson a black-power salute right after the verdict in the criminal trial, was once a member of the Black Panther Party, the Simpson case finally found its context. That black fist called up a host of Sixties memories, among them the ghostly voice of criminal-hero Eldridge Cleaver, who taunted the white world in his autobiography, Soul on Ice: "I'm perfectly aware that I'm in prison, that I'm a Negro, that I've been a rapist. . . . My answer to all such things lurking in their split-level heads, crouching behind their squinting bombardier eyes is that the blood of Vietnamese peasants has paid off all my debts." By the same corrupt reasoning, it is not hard to imagine O.J., his consciousness now raised to new heights by his new political advisers, thinking, if not saying, that Mark Fuhrman has paid off all his.

Hollywood’s Unlikely Hero By: ABCNews.com
Transcript.  20/20's Sam Donaldson and ABC News investigates the controversy of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. ....more
Stokely Carmichael (1941-1998): One Who Will Not Be Missed By: David Horowitz
KWAME TURE, AKA Stokely Carmichael, is dead of prostate cancer at the age of 57. Jesse Jackson, who was with him in Africa at the last, claimed Carmichael for the radical Sixties. "He was one of our generation who was determined to give his life to transforming America and Africa," Jackson eulogized; "he rang the freedom bell in this century." ....more
Bul[****] By: David Horowitz

Originally appeared in Salon, June 1, 1998.  Warren Beatty is Bulworth.  Bulworth predates Eminem--just less homophobic...

According to Bulworth, all liberal politicians are bought by "big rich guys" in order to keep them from publicly identifying the real solution to society's problems: Socialism! (This, of course, will earn particularly big guffaws in the newly liberated markets of eastern Europe.) Even more bizarrely, Bulworth-Beatty proposes Black Panther Huey Newton as oppressed America's lost leader. According to the pop Marxism of the film, the "deindustrialization of urban America" has deprived minority communities of champions like Huey, who in real life was a coke-head, murderer, and rapist. Huey's message—as Eldridge Cleaver told a 60 Minutes audience shortly before the latter's death last month—was a summons to race war that would have created a "holocaust" in America, if enough people had heeded it.

Eldridge Cleaver’s Last Gift By: David Horowitz
Eldridge Cleaver was a man who made a significant imprint on our times, and not for the best. But I mourn his passing nonetheless. ....more
Black History Lesson By: David Horowitz
By David Horowitz: fifty years ago this spring, Jackie Robinson broke the color bar in baseball. The events that followed provide a lesson for Black History Month which ends this week that many civil rights leaders seem to have forgotten. Following Robinson's historic breakthrough, as everybody knows, other black athletes followed his example and professional basketball and football also became multiracial sports. Over the years, however, there were many doubters that these gains were possible or that the revolution would continue. The doubters said whites would never accept more than a few black players. There would always be quotas to limit the number of blacks. Whites, they said, would never allow blacks to become managers or quarterbacks or the owners of clubs. They said that if blacks became the majority of the players in professional basketball, for example, whites wouldn't go to see the games. ....more

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