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The Moral Clarity Deficit By: J. Matt Barber
Obama's handling of the Iranian elections sheds light on his intellectual compass. ....more
Michael Jackson: A Tragedy of Our Times By: Theodore Dalrymple
Thoughts on modern man’s increasing unwillingness to place a limit on his own appetites. ....more
Enforcing Atheism For 30 years, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed lawsuits to remove all religious symbols from the public square. ....more
The First Gay Justice? By: John Perazzo
Law professor and lesbian activist Kathleen Sullivan shares Obama's view of the Constitution as a “living document.” ....more
All Crimes Are "Hate Crimes" By: J. Matt Barber
Congress should be repealing, not passing, hate crimes laws. ....more
Bigot-in-Chief By: FrontPage Magazine
Obama "Faith Adviser" Harry Knox slanders the pope and the Apostle Paul -- and threatens to silence cultural conservatives. ....more
Barack Obama and Religion By: Dr. Gary Scott Smith
How one of the most conspicuously religious candidates has brought his faith into the public square. ....more
Country Music: Too Much Love of Freedom? By: L. Brent Bozell III / CNSNews.com
The Washington Post blasts patriotism and traditional values. ....more
Jesus Supports "Hate Crime" Legislation? By: Mark D. Tooley
Evangelical leaders say Jesus would vote for a federal bill that punishes clergy who oppose sex-change operations. ....more
ESPN Hearts Castro? By: Joseph D'Hippolito
Some would applaud the courage of Cuban athletes who escaped to freedom in the United States. An ESPN commentator and a veteran British sports writer feel it deserves punishment. ....more
Religious Left Voter Guides By: Mark D. Tooley
The United Church of Christ is out "to educate" the public. ....more
Dangerous Disarmers By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
Marking the 63rd anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima by an American atomic bomb. ....more
The Real Reason America is a Worse Country By: Dennis Prager
In some ways, we really are giving our children a worse country than we inherited -- and here's why. ....more
A Primer on the Religious Left By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Dr. Earl Tilford discusses those who baptize socialism. ....more
Easter With William F. Buckley Jr. By: Dr. Paul Kengor
My spiritual reading this year was provided by the father of modern conservatism. ....more
It Could Be Hillary vs. McCain By: Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
It's too early for coronation, but they are the front-runners. ....more
The Virgin Mary: Left-Wing Liberationist? By: Mark D. Tooley
A prominent Methodist says the "sassy sister-savior" denounced waterboarding. ....more
Red Emma's Anarcho-Methodist Church By: Mark D. Tooley
An anarchist bookstore "partners" with a Baltimore Methodist church, pastored by a transsexual. ....more
S&M, Ivy League Style By: Miriam Grossman, M.D.
Finding "Bondage 101" and campus-generated tips on how to start a menage a tois at Columbia U. ....more
Narnia, It's Not By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
The Golden Compass can't find its way to success. ....more
Defending Christmas During Hanukkah By: Sharon Hughes
Christians and Jews are standing together this Christmas. ....more
Broken Homes Lead to Broken Bones By: Michael Reagan
The connection between family breakdown and child abuse. ....more
Baby Boomers Owe Young People an Apology By: Dennis Prager
The Most Destructive Generation is still fighting what it considers the real Axis of Evil: American racism, sexism, and imperialism. ....more
Stopping Sexual Slavery By: Phyllis Chesler / Pajamasmedia.com
The campaign to get justice for victims of human trafficking. ....more
The Politically Incorrect Truth about Hunting By: Bill Steigerwald
It's fun -- so says Frank Miniter in his new book on this anti-Left sport. ....more
The Year of Flawed Candidates By: Byron York / The Hill
The '08 field pleases virtually no one. ....more
A Window into the Left's Rage By: Dennis Prager
Want to see the Left's hatred? It's on the cover of the Rolling Stone. ....more
What's So Great About Christianity? By: Dr. Paul Kengor
A Q-and-A with Dinesh D'Souza. ....more
John Doe, Internet Hatemonger By: Dennis Prager
Internet anonymity has destroyed civility. ....more
Nanny State By: Jamie Glazov
Author David Harsanyi pinpoints the scoundrels who are turning America into a nation of children. ....more
Dangerous Books By: David Forsmark
Two surprise blockbuster-selling books show there is still a market for manliness. ....more
The New Girl Order By: Kay S. Hymowitz
The Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle is showing up in unexpected places, with unintended consequences. ....more
God and...Hillary Clinton? By: Center for Vision and Values
Welcome to the total disconnect between faith and policy. ....more
Remembering My Mom, Jane Wyman By: Michael Reagan
American culture needs to re-learn what my mom knew: tough love builds men. ....more
The Contemplations of Roger Scruton By: Bernard Chapin
Faith and feeling in a world besieged. ....more
Symposium: Stalin: The Great Warlord? By: Jamie Glazov
Was the Soviet dictator a successful war leader? A distinguished panel battles it out at Frontpage. ....more
Freedom or Vice? By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Defending the conservative position on drug legalization. ....more
The Methodists' Green Crusade By: Mark D. Tooley

British Methodists denounce the "sin" of Global Warming.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution By: Jamie Glazov
Author Kevin R. C. Gutzman discusses the radical inconsistency between constitutional law and the rule of law. ....more
Rats in the Kitchen and Environmental Propaganda on DVD By: Don Feder
A review of Ratatouille and The Last Mimzy. ....more
Prevent Cruelty to Humans By: Dennis Prager

Does kindness to animals translate into kindness to people?

In Defense of Pope Benedict XVI By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Why shouldn't the Pope articulate what the Catholic Church fundamentally believes in? ....more
No Liberty in Philly By: Robert Knight
The City of Brotherly Love hates the Boy Scouts. ....more
The Best of The New Criterion By: Jamie Glazov
A new anthology offers the most scintillating essays from the last twenty five years. ....more
You're in a Bad Neighborhood and 10 Men Approach You.... By: Dennis Prager
Sorry, Christopher Hitchens: God is good. ....more
Good Fathers Put Their Children First By: Tom Purcell
An ode to paternal sacrifices (and Snyder of Berlin potato chips). ....more
Why People Believe Conspiracies By: Dennis Prager
From JFK to 9/11, a history of paranoia. ....more
Hey, Loosen Up, Buddy By: Tom Purcell
Is all morality a matter of opinion? ....more
"Buck Fush" and the Left By: Dennis Prager
Unhinged hatred goes politically mainstream. ....more
TV Worth Watching By: David Forsmark

The un-PC delights of "Friday Night Lights."

Onward Christian Soldiers By: Michael Reagan
Jerry Falwell, RIP. ....more
Getting a Kick Out of Death By: Robert Knight
The Chicago Sun-Times' religion writer tells Jerry Falwell good riddance. ....more
Jerry Falwell: Say Hello to Ronald Reagan! By: Ann Coulter
"All men will hate you because of Me." ....more
Methodists Against the Flag By: Mark D. Tooley

Weighty figures in the president's denomination say the flag is an idol.

Eco-Freaks By: Jamie Glazov
Author John Berlau discusses how environmentalism is hazardous to your health. ....more
Protecting Children Through Disarmament A new Children's Defense Fund report advises parents to remove guns from their homes. ....more
Blair Breaks the Black Crime Taboo By: Heather Mac Donald / City Journal
Gangsta culture, not an unjust society, drives it, says the outgoing British prime minister. ....more
The Nine Lives of Al Sharpton By: John Perazzo
Why has a race peddler become Imus’ de facto confessor? ....more
Ike's Final Battle By: Jamie Glazov
Author Kasey S. Pipes discusses the road to Little Rock and the challenge of equality. ....more
Mythologizing Murder By: Jack Cashill
The Left continues to rewrite history. ....more
American Association for Lawsuits The world's largest trial bar seeks to improve the human condition by filing an endless stream of lawsuits. ....more
The De-Christianization of Europe By: Paul Kengor
From Nicea to Nietzsche. ....more
Politically Correct Death Threats at Georgia Tech By: Peter Collier
The Left adds a new kind of threat to its playbook in intimidating conservative students -- and the administration sits on its hands. ....more
The Lives of Others By: Jacob Laksin
A new film explores the dark heart of East Germany's former police state. ....more
The Wal-Mart Revolution By: Jamie Glazov
Author Richard Vedder discusses how big box stores benefit consumers, workers and the economy. ....more
Memo to John Edwards: Jesus Was Not a Leftist By: Dennis Prager

Is it really a good idea to "turn the other cheek" to al-Qaeda?

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism) By: Jamie Glazov
Author Christopher Horner discusses a scientific, historical, and political mythology.  ....more
Memo to Karl Rove By: Kenneth R. Timmerman
Why the President should pardon Scooter Libby now. ....more
Mad Max: An Inherited Genetic Disorder Returns By: David Horowitz
The Left's second generation character assassin dishes the dirt on a Puerto-Rican American who served his country. ....more
Amazing Grace By: Lloyd Billingsley
A new movie tells an inspiring story and refutes political correctness. ....more
A Misplaced Attack and An Apology to Frontpage Readers By: David Horowitz

We should not have given a platform to John Podhoretz’s mean-spirited attack on Dick Scaife and Chris Ruddy. Setting the historical record right.

The Originalist By: Jamie Glazov
Author Henry Mark Holzer discusses why Justice Clarence Thomas is the “keeper of the flame.” ....more
The Wisdom of Youth By: Carol Gould
Why Jewish children can be examples to the world. ....more
The Supreme Court Opinions of Clarence Thomas By: Joseph Klein
Henry Mark Holzer separates lies from fact. ....more
How Much Are Teachers Really Paid? By: Jamie Glazov
Why grad rates are not low because teachers need more money. ....more
Arnold Turns Left By: Lloyd Billingsley
...and begins to pick up speed. ....more
Carter and Clinton's "New Covenant" By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
The latest assault on Southern Baptists. ....more
Yes, Rudy Giuliani Is a Conservative By: Steven Malanga / City Journal
And an electable one, at that. ....more
Borat's Golden Globe By: Suzanne Fields / Washington Times
Is Sacha Baron Cohen's award a good thing for Jews? ....more
The Times, "Fascists," and the Religious Right By: Don Feder / GrasstopsUSA.com

A religion reporter for the world's most objective paper says Christians are the new brownshirts.

Blaming New York’s Finest By: Heather Mac Donald / City Journal
Gotham politicians sacrifice the NYPD to racial politics. ....more
Something to Do with Books By: Bernard Chapin
An interview with Roger Kimball. ....more
Banishing Smokes and Twinkies By: David White / The American
The healthcare Nanny State knows what's best for you. ....more
America Was Meant to Be Free, Not Secular By: Dennis Prager
Do you think Europe is better off for jettisoning its religious heritage? ....more
The Religious Left Speaks Out Against "Islamic Fascism"... By: Mark D. Tooley
Liberal Methodists condemn Bush's use of the phrase, not Islamic fascism itself. ....more
A Return Salvo in the War on Christmas By: Mark D. Tooley
An Anglican bishop of Pakistani descent stands up to the Muslim/secularist assault. ....more
The Culture Wars Test By: Dennis Prager
The one question that will usually determine where someone stands. ....more
The End of Charlie Brown's Christmas By: Tom Purcell / CagleCartoons.com
Why it couldn't be made today. ....more
Frontpage's Christmas Reading By: Jamie Glazov
Our contributors and friends share what they’re reading this Christmas. ....more
The Old Centurion and His New Recruits By: David Forsmark
Joseph Wambaugh ends his ten-year silence – and inspires a generation of writers. ....more
The Jewish Case for "Merry Christmas" By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
As the war on Christmas continues, a Jew is safer in Christian America than secular Europe. ....more
The Great Kisser By: Jamie Glazov
Novelist and journalist David Evanier discusses his new novel, Jewish self-hatred on the Left and his own personal and intellectual journey. ....more
Purpose-Driven Terrorism By: Mark D. Tooley

Mega-church pastor Rick Warren visits Syria and promises to repeat its propaganda.

DeathPAC By: Ben Johnson
Michael Schiavo pulled the plug on his ex-wife; now his PAC has endorsed the Democratic left-wing fringe. ....more
Jihad is Fun! Support the Left! By: Ann Coulter
Will America vote to save Michael J. Fox or save itself from terrorists? ....more
The Multifaith Assault on Halloween By: Tom Purcell
How about we whitewash every tradition so nobody can be offended. ....more

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