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Viagra for Pedophiles at the Taxpayer's Expense By: Richard W. Rahn / The Washington Times
Britain's national health service has paid for all sorts of outlandish medical treatments. ....more
Birthers and Truthers: The Political Calculus By: Tom Suhadolnik / American Thinker
Do the math on the conspiracy fringes of the Right and Left and interesting conclusions can be drawn. ....more
Frank Ricci: The Left's Newest Target By: Gregory Gethard
The Left's personal destruction crew smears another conservative private citizen. ....more
A Different Kind of "Bully Pulpit" By: Steven M. Cohen
The growing hit list of our ridiculer-in-chief. ....more
Hatred Masquerading as "Tolerance" By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
The Left spews venom at mainstream American views on taxes, immigration, and traditional values. ....more
Arlen Specter's Blood Libel By: Ben Johnson
The newly minted Democrat revives his party's tendency to paint its opponents as murderers. ....more
The Archbishop’s Latest Folly By: Mark Tooley
The champion of Sharia law reaches out to Colonel Kaddafi’s minions. ....more
Is Monotheism a Net Plus or Minus? By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
At Christmastime, let's examine the core question of the New Atheists. ....more
China's Gruesome Organ Harvest By: Ethan Gutmann / The Weekly Standard
The whole world isn't watching. Why not? ....more
Real Educational Equality for Black Students By: David Whitman / Education Next
A number of successful urban schools have one thing in common: they teach values and accept no excuses. ....more
They Gave Your Mortgage to a Less Qualified Minority By: Ann Coulter
Setting the financial crisis record straight. ....more
The Professional Panhandling Plague By: Steven Malanga / City Journal
A new generation of shakedown artists hampers America’s urban revival. ....more
Beijing: Berlin or Munich? By: Kathy Shaidle
Are the Olympics in China headed for infamy? ....more
The Mugabe Disaster Worsens Conditions in Zimbabwe reach an all-time low, as President Robert Mugabe shuts down all international aid groups in his country. ....more
A Lethal Mix of Earthquakes, Corruption, and Greed By: Peter Navarro
Why China is in desperate need of reform. ....more
The Costs of Corruption By: Reuben F. Johnson / The Weekly Standard
Chinese government officials are complicit in the earthquake disaster. ....more
Power Struggle in Bolivia By: James M. Roberts and Ray Walser / The Heritage Foundation
Santa Cruz voters stand firm against Morales and for democracy. ....more
UN to Burma: Drop Dead By: Matthew Continetti / The Weekly Standard
Let's airdrop aid to the cyclone victims. ....more
Let's Drill By: Fred Barnes / The Weekly Standard
There's oil in them thar hills. ....more
Panic Control By: William R. Hawkins / The Washington Times
Is the Fed into crowd control? ....more
The Real Dirty Dozen By: Henry Mark Holzer / Human Events
How twelve Supreme Court cases radically expanded government and eroded freedom. ....more
The Messianic State's Holy of Holies By: Dr. Gary Scott Smith / The Center for Vision and Values
How FDR built the New Deal on the Social Gospel. ....more
Bulldozed By: David Forsmark
"Kelo," eminent domain, and the American lust for land. ....more
Five Questions About University Shootings By: Dennis Prager
Why do the media treat the murderer and the victims as equals? ....more
Leftist Webzine Advocates Massive Tax Hike An Alternet.org op-ed piece says more "taxes on the rich" would address "the root of our current economic distress." ....more
Chavez Causes Exodus to Florida The imposition of socialism tears into the Venezuelan nation. ....more
Gov. Corzine and I May Have Different Hearts By: Dennis Prager
Why New Jersey's Governor abolished the death penalty. ....more
The Virgin Mary: Left-Wing Liberationist? By: Mark D. Tooley
A prominent Methodist says the "sassy sister-savior" denounced waterboarding. ....more
The Rehabilitation of Joe McCarthy By: John Earl Haynes / Washington DeCoded
Stanton Evans’ flawed defense of America’s most hated senator. ....more
Day of Rubbish By: Ben Johnson
Pat Buchanan believes we have nothing to fear but blacks and black helicopters. ....more
A Putin Village By: Reuben F. Johnson / The Weekly Standard
The "construct" of the Russian election. ....more
The Southern Poverty Law Center: Clumsy Smear Masters By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
I've arrived: I've joined David Horowitz, Dinesh D'Souza, and the American Enterprise Institute as an SPLC target. ....more
The End of the Stem-Cell Wars By: Ryan T. Anderson / The Weekly Standard
A victory for the pro-life movement, President Bush...and science. ....more
Is OPEC a Cartel? An international double standard. ....more
The Politically Incorrect Truth about Hunting By: Bill Steigerwald
It's fun -- so says Frank Miniter in his new book on this anti-Left sport. ....more
Red Moon Rising By: Ron Capshaw
A new book looks back at the space race. ....more
Left-Fascism Awareness Week By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
Crushing the First Amendment, one case at a time. ....more
Don Imus Strikes Back By: DiscoverTheNetworks.org
The broadcaster will be shocking New York's WABC-AM a month from now. ....more
How Long Before the ADL Kicks Out All Its Jews? By: Ann Coulter
Guess who the "Jewish" civil rights group is sticking up for now? ....more
"Perfected" Hysteria By: Dennis Prager
Ann Coulter wants Jews to become Christians; so what? ....more
The Best Farm Policy is the Free Market By: Dr. Tracy C. Miller / Center for Vision and Values
Government spending is not the answer. ....more
S-chip of Fools By: Fred Barnes / The Weekly Standard
Republicans can't play defense on health care. ....more
Pretend To Be All That You Can Be By: Ann Coulter
Finally -- soldiers the Left supports. ....more
The Myanmar Mess By: Ralph Peters / The New York Post
...but pressing China won't do much. ....more
Crisis in Burma By: Walter Lohman / The Heritage Foundation
Choosing our friends. ....more
Does the Left Value Truth? By: Dennis Prager
Seven cases of regular, leftist lies. ....more
Straight Talk On Rumsfeld By: Bill Steigerwald
GQ Magazine reporter Lisa DePaulo discusses his reserve, his code of honor, and the lost art of impartial journalism. ....more
Chavez Wants to Control Private Schools A dictator tightens his grip. ....more
The UN's Palestinian Rights Covenant By: Joseph Klein
A new statement on the rights of "indigenous peoples" has one major beneficiary. ....more
Old Bridges and New Priorities By: Mark W. Hendrickson
What is the government funding instead of the Twin Cities' bridges? ....more
“300" Spartans Make Last Stand By: Don Feder
. . . against outraged critics. ....more
Freedom or Vice? By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Defending the conservative position on drug legalization. ....more
Legalizing Death By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
A critique of the libertarian arguments in favor of legalizing drugs. ....more
The Forgotten Man By: Jamie Glazov
Author Amity Shlaes provides a new history of the Great Depression. ....more
In Defense of Pope Benedict XVI By: Micah Halpern / MicahHalpern.com
Why shouldn't the Pope articulate what the Catholic Church fundamentally believes in? ....more
The Never-Ending Story By: Byron York / The Hill
John Conyers wonders if you've heard about the CIA leak case. ....more
Killer Koulter? By: Media Research Center
Or another media misrepresentation? ....more
A Monument to Slaughter By: Ron Capshaw
Unfortunately, the new Victims of Communism Memorial is an ongoing project. ....more
Anti-Catholicism Chic By: Ben Johnson
Michael Lerner and The Washington Post denounce the “pathetic” and “retrograde” Pope, who has put the world on course for a second Holocaust. ....more
I Am Not Lying About Sojourners By: Mark D. Tooley
A response to Jim Wallis' left-wing journal. ....more
There’s No 'Freak' in Free Market By: Bernard Chapin
Dr. John Lott discusses why our economic system works. ....more
Catholic for Abortion-on-Demand Feminist Frances Kissling says her religion "makes the fetus into ... a figure of religious veneration, which I think is sick ..." ....more
The Forgotten McCarthyite By: Ron Capshaw
Whittaker Chambers, critic on the Right. ....more
Why People Believe Conspiracies By: Dennis Prager
From JFK to 9/11, a history of paranoia. ....more
U.N. Peacekeeping Budget Out of Control By: Joseph Klein
Where success is measured by ever-increasing spending. ....more
Onward Christian Soldiers By: Michael Reagan
Jerry Falwell, RIP. ....more
Getting a Kick Out of Death By: Robert Knight
The Chicago Sun-Times' religion writer tells Jerry Falwell good riddance. ....more
A Prescription for 2008 By: Jamie Glazov
Author Sven Larson discusses what the next president needs to know about health reform. ....more
Criminal Negligence at Virginia Tech By: Henry Mark Holzer
Could the slaughter of 32 innocent victims have been prevented? ....more

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