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Arizona's Common Sense By: Michael Reagan
Without Janet Napolitano to stonewall, the most moderate, mainstream measures now have a chance to become law. ....more
The Unconscionable Clause By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
The push is on to reverse the Hippocratic Oath. ....more
How Did Bush Fund Planned Parenthood? By: Tom Fitton
Judicial Watch has filed a motion to find out. ....more
A Church Divided By: Kathy Shaidle
American Catholic voters look at abortion, Obama, and the non-negotiable demands of their faith. ....more
Woman Charged for Not Aborting Baby By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Washington State's perverse logic. ....more
The Party of Death By: David Forsmark
The Democrats' stringent ideology won't allow them to waver on unrestricted abortion. ....more
The Nation's Anti-Human Agenda By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
Kathryn Joyce perceives a vast, religious, pro-birth conspiracy. ....more
Death Tourism By: Dr. James R. Harrigan
Switzerland's assisted suicide industry makes for a gruesome final destination. ....more
Cardinal Fears Church Could Face Court on Abortion By: Robin Pomeroy / Reuters
Could the Catholic Church be prosecuted for its right-to-life stance? ....more
Frederick Douglass' Cuban Legacy By: Myles Kantor / Antiprotester.blogspot.com
Castro and his mostly white nomenklatura. ....more
Is Europe Dying? By: George Weigel / Foreign Policy Research Institute
Notes on a crisis of civilizational morale. ....more
NARAL's Agendas This powerful player in the pro-abortion movement defends taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, without limits. ....more
Without Cause: Yale Fires An Acclaimed Anarchist Scholar By: Joshua Frank / Counterpunch.org
Was Prof. David Graeber victimized for his political philosophy? ....more
The Red Contraceptionist By: Vic Spooner

The history of Margaret Sanger, the mother of "birth control."

Where's That Religious Fanatic We Elected? By: Ann Coulter
In the abortion debate, we need to change judges, not hearts. ....more
Catholic University Honors Popular Teacher Who Killed Her Baby By: Kathleen Rhodes / CNSNews.com
Villanova University will dedicate a wing of its library to woman who committed infanticide and suicide. ....more
What Defines Moderate Islam? By: Stephen Schwartz / Tech Central Station
A diversity of opinion on every level. ....more
Judicial Tyranny? By: Ann Coulter

There are three equal branches of government, but one branch is more equal than others.

Remove Dennis Kucinich's Feeding Tube! By: Ann Coulter
Terri Schiavo demonstrates as least as much brain activity as the average liberal. And the chinks in her "loving" husband's story have begun to show. ....more
Lying about Terri Schiavo By: Nat Hentoff / The Village Voice

Is the New York Times' coverage of Terri Schiavo a case of bias or incompetence?

Stopping Forced Euthanasia in Florida By: Wesley Smith / Weekly Standard

Jeb Bush and the Florida legislature fights the pro-euthanasia Left over Terri Schiavo.

A List of Fanatics By: William Bacon

EMILY's List: Fishing in dangerous political waters.

Partisan Media Distorts Abortion Reform By: Joseph J. Sabia

The real extremists are liberals.

American Newspapers Put PC Before Profit By: Harold Johnson
To boost readership, English-language newspapers ought to be gung-ho for teaching English to immigrant kids, but they're not. ....more
Prophets of Doom By: Lowell Ponte

The Left may not know the problem, but the solution is always big government.

To Love a Baby Girl By: Jamie Glazov

The birth of a female child in most of the world is viewed, correctly, as a blessing.  In the Middle East it is often viewed as a curse. 


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