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How to be a Patriot By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
A number of simple steps to increase national pride and become an infectious lover of country. ....more
Remembering the Moon Landing By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
Those of a certain age remember where we were 40 years ago today, and the impact space age optimism had on our generation. ....more
Vote Early, Vote Often in D.C. By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
The nation's capital leads the way in measures to undermine the legitimacy of voting. ....more
Czarist America By: Tait Trussell
How do you know when a Democratic president has gone too far in appointing czars? When Robert Byrd criticizes him for it. ....more
The Power of Prudence By: Dr. Paul Kengor
The Founding Fathers understood our goal "is not the perfect good but the greatest good possible." ....more
We Must Not "Progress" Beyond the Declaration of Independence By: Dr. L. John Van Til
"Silent Cal" spoke forcefully about our inalienable rights. ....more
Still the Land of Opportunity By: Tom Purcell
A drive past a Hungarian immigrant's house reminded me America is still a shining city on a hill. ....more
An End to Buffoonish Fathers By: Tom Purcell
Give your children a Father's Day present: be a man. ....more
With Father, in the Valley of Death By: Dr. Paul Kengor
An experience with my child showed this father that U.S. soldiers never fight alone. ....more
Talking Jesus: Obama Outdoes Bush By: Dr. Paul Kengor
...and so did Bill Clinton; where's the media outrage? ....more
What I Saw at the Rotunda By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Reagan's statue unveiled in the Shining City on a Hill. ....more
Progressive or Leftist? By: Dr. L. John Van Til
John Podesta has mislabeled the doctrine of the Left. ....more
The American Cause on Memorial Day By: Lee Wishing
Informed citizens need to relearn the principles our heroes died for. ....more
Socialism and Secularism Suck Vitality Out of Society By: Dennis Prager
One robs us of the means of making a living, the other robs us of purpose. ....more
In Praise of my Unenlightened Mother By: Tom Purcell
She was not my friend; she put my character above my self-esteem; and we all knew who was in charge. ....more
The Real Lincoln Record By: David Forsmark
Charles Bracelen Flood's 1864 shows the crushing burden of the hardest year in Honest Abe's life -- and why Obama is no Abraham Lincoln. ....more
A Phony State By: Marion Edwyn Harrison, Esq.
Leftists renew the charge to let Washington, D.C., seat more Democrats in Congress. ....more
Cool on Global Warming, Hot on Baseball By: Bill Steigerwald
A spring chat with George F. Will. ....more
Not "Silent Cal," Intellectual Cal By: Dr. L. John Van Til
Correcting the distorted historical picture of President Calvin Coolidge. ....more
Good Reading for Bad Times By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
These three classic books provide timeless insight on our current dilemmas. ....more
Costly Shibboleths By: Ben Johnson
The hidden gems of Obama's economic plan: redistributing the wealth and creating a (literal) Nanny State. ....more
Congress: They Know Not What They Do By: E. Ralph Hostetter
A new organization says Congress should be forced to read a bill before voting on it. ....more
An Obama-Reagan Presidency? By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Think the '08 election means the American people are now left-leaning? Think again. ....more
Superhero Conservatism By: David Swindle
At least one genre of Hollywood characters bend well to the Right. ....more
The Other Side of Disgust By: L. Brent Bozell III / CNSNews.com
NPR and the New York Times rave over a book that justifies having sex with a 12-year-old stepdaughter. ....more
The Legacy of Lincoln By: Dr. Gary Scott Smith
His greatness was the content of his character. ....more
Taken with Taken Liam Neeson uses his head, and an uncompromising sense of justice, to save his family in this outstanding film. ....more
Language Barriers Arizonans are fighting back against an order to spend more for English language learners. ....more
The Obama "Sparkle" By: Dr. Andrew J. Harvey
The pitiful intersection of politics and poetry. ....more
Viva La Revolucion By: Dr. Paul Kengor
A rhetorical faux pas or a sign of things to come? ....more
It's Mourning in America By: Michael Reagan
Obama's inaugural echoed Carter's "malaise" speech. ....more
Where was the "Hate"? By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Compare the way Barack Obama took office with the way President Bush did. ....more
Is "Dissent" Still Patriotic? By: David Harsanyi
The big "change" is how the Left defines patriotism. ....more
An Uninspiring Inaugural By: Dennis Prager
I acknowledge the good points of Obama's inaugural address, but they are outweighed by the bad. ....more
How He Did By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
Assessing the presidency of George W. Bush. ....more
The Unpoet By: Ben Johnson
Obama's inaugural poet, Elizabeth Alexander, is accomplished at writing about "a soggy bloody crotch," "baby farts," "gaudy, mustard-colored poop" - and cutting out white men's hearts. ....more
Inaugural Hits and Misses By: Bill Steigerwald
What it will take for Obama's inaugural address to rank among the best. ....more
Bush's Legacy Not Yet Written By: Paul M. Weyrich
A sudden withdrawal by the new president can assure both men are failures. ....more
A Tale of Two Inaugurals By: Bill Steigerwald
Barack Obama could do himself, and his country, a lot of good if he sounded more like Reagan than FDR. ....more
The Cinema of the Fellow Traveler By: David Swindle
Steven Soderbergh’s checkered contribution to the world of film. ....more
George W. Obama? By: David Keene / The Hill
The president-elect confronts the realities of governing. ....more
Extremism: Alive and Well on Left and Right By: Michael Reagan
Loonies and reactionaries weigh in on Pastor Rick Warren. ....more
Ronald Reagan's Favorite Christmas Gift By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
The Gipper's all-time favorite present was one he never received. ....more
Christmas Cards and Future Memories By: Tom Purcell
Greeting cards are changing, because we are, too. ....more
Is Monotheism a Net Plus or Minus? By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
At Christmastime, let's examine the core question of the New Atheists. ....more
Mexico's Cartel War, Year Three By: Austin Bay / Washington Times
Why certain border towns are now off-limits to American citizens. ....more
America's Economic Illiteracy By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Thanks to a recently administered test, our ignorance is now quantifiable. ....more
The Proven Method to Improve Minority Education By: Paul E. Peterson and Daniel Nadler / Education Next
A case study of states that have genuine alternative certification. ....more
Discovering an Unknown Hero By: Dr. Paul Kengor
America's greatest Cold War spy, Morris Childs, is no longer honored only in secret. ....more
Christian Zionists: The Real Terrorists By: Mark D. Tooley
The National Council of Churches' new pamphlet says conservative believers are the main force preventing peace in the Middle East. ....more
Confused About Conservatism By: Douglas A. Jeffrey / The Claremont Institute
New books from Allan Lichtman and Paul Gottfried assault the conservative movement, one from the Left and one from the Right. ....more
Reasons for Gratitude By: Paul M. Weyrich
Perspective creates thanksgiving in the worst of times. (And these aren't the worst of times.) ....more
Wisdom About Government By: Tom Purcell
What the wisest among us said about Leviathan. ....more
Gay Marriage is the New Black? By: Dennis Prager
Why African-Americans reject equating Proposition 8 with the Civil Rights movement. ....more
Make this Veterans Day Memorable By: Sharon Hughes
Teach your children well: today is not just another day off school. ....more
The Real Meaning of the Right to Vote By: Alex Epstein
It's not Americans' most important right. Not even close. ....more
Don't Rock the Vote By: William J. Watkins / Washington Times
Having more ignorant people vote is not necessarily good for America. ....more
A Church Divided By: Kathy Shaidle
American Catholic voters look at abortion, Obama, and the non-negotiable demands of their faith. ....more
The Peril of Panic By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
An anxious voter often regrets his decision. ....more
ESPN Hearts Castro? By: Joseph D'Hippolito
Some would applaud the courage of Cuban athletes who escaped to freedom in the United States. An ESPN commentator and a veteran British sports writer feel it deserves punishment. ....more
How Robert Novak Helped Save "The Littlest Defector" By: Henry Mark Holzer
The story of how the "Prince of Darkness" rescued a young boy who wanted to be free. ....more
Barack's "Tragic" Emphasis By: Ben Johnson
Is Obama obsessed with American “evil”? ....more
Our Founding CEO By: Bill Steigerwald
Richard Brookhiser discusses George Washington. ....more
A New Declaration of Independence By: Tom Purcell
The Taxpayers need to find a place to hide from the Tax-Users. ....more
Leftist Hate, Then and Now By: Dr. Paul Kengor
A study in civility from Casper Weinberger. ....more
Why I'm Not Excited About Youth Excitement for Obama By: Dennis Prager
When was the last time young people proved politically wise? ....more
The Forgotten RFK-Ronald Reagan Connection By: Dr. Paul Kengor
The two beloved figures of Right and Left were connected in life and death. ....more
The Real Reason America is a Worse Country By: Dennis Prager
In some ways, we really are giving our children a worse country than we inherited -- and here's why. ....more
How to Avoid Being Bamboozled in '08 By: Dr. Marvin J. Folkertsma
A guide to seeing through election year B.S. (Step one is "Join the Military.") ....more
The Left's Racist Groupthink By: Michael Reagan
To leftists, you aren't a person: you're only a member of a race, a sex, or a class. ....more
Needed: Will Rogers By: Tom Purcell
America needs more common sense and less finger-pointing. ....more
If You Think We're on the Wrong Track Now.... By: Dennis Prager
Wait until the leftists have complete power. ....more
Pile of Manure By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Hillary's use of Ronald Reagan's rhetoric. ....more
A Modest Proposal for Racist Reconquistas By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
Want to do something daring? Try reforming Mexico. ....more
Conservatism is Happiness By: Tom Purcell
Statistical data now shows leftists are angry, paranoid, self-pitying cranks. Yipee. ....more
The Dodgeball Party and the Ban-Dodgeball Party By: Tom Purcell
The games we play (or are banned from playing) forecast what kind of voters we will become. ....more
Ronald Reagan's America, and Obama's By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Whether the president believe God should bless or damn America will result in much different policies. ....more
Tax Torture By: Tom Purcell
Two things are certain in life, and they have a great deal in common. ....more
Old School Values By: Tom Purcell
When Catholic schools struggle, everyone suffers. ....more
Jeremiah Wright: "Prophet"? By: Dennis Prager
Calling a hatemonger a prophet is an insult to Isaiah and the gang. ....more
Easter With William F. Buckley Jr. By: Dr. Paul Kengor
My spiritual reading this year was provided by the father of modern conservatism. ....more
Jim Wallis' New Gospel By: Mark D. Tooley
In his new book, the head of Sojourners says we need a Great Awakening...to how evil American capitalism is. ....more
The Grave Threat of the Easter Bunny By: Tom Purcell
The ACLU feels Peter Cottontail is establishing a theocracy in America's schools. ....more
The Kremlin's Worst Month: March 1983 By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Ronald Reagan's policies set the beginning of the end 25 years ago this month. ....more
The Message of "John Adams" By: Bill Steigerwald
Historian David McCullough discusses how HBO adapted his book about a man who grew up in humble circumstances, won a scholarship to Harvard at 15, and helped found the Republic. ....more
God and Man at Pitt By: Dr. Paul Kengor
How an undergraduate discovered William F. Buckley Jr. -- and himself. ....more
William F. Buckley Jr., RIP By: Ben Johnson
No one did more to create modern conservatism; no one will leave a greater void. ....more
Ranking (and Timing) the Presidents By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
What if Bush were president in the '90s and Clinton were president now? ....more
The Last Contested Convention By: Bill Steigerwald
Ed Messe and I discuss the 1976 GOP race -- and how Ronald Reagan changed the world. ....more
“We Will Not Rest” By: Ben Johnson
President Bush vows to press on against enemies, foreign and domestic. ....more
The Moral Economy By: Victor Davis Hanson / The Washington Times
Viewing our present economic challenges from a larger philosophical and ethical framework. ....more
The Pork Barrel Champion By: Fred Lucas / CNSNews.com
There is a reason half the country will never vote for Hillary. ....more
Where Have All the (Flower) Children Gone? By: Dr. Earl Tilford
The antiwar movement: less mainstream than ever. ....more
The Best Interviews of 2007 By: Bill Steigerwald
What William F. Buckley Jr., Heather MacDonald, Brent Bozell, Mark Krikorian, Robert Novak, R. Emmett Tyrrell, and a host of others told us about the issues of the last year. ....more
The Coming Prosecution of Santa Claus By: Tom Purcell
How long until the PC Left brands him as an obese sweatshop owner and religious fanatic with an unhealthy interest in children? ....more
American Exceptionalism By: Dr. Paul Kengor
Dr. Charles Kesler on the Declaration of Independence. ....more
Religious America or Secular Europe? By: Dennis Prager
Which has given birth to the most deadly ideologies? ....more

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