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UN Report By: David Solway
The most corrupt institution on the planet. ....more
Nonie Darwish Under Fire By: Phyllis Chesler / Pajamas
She founds a new organization: Former Muslims United. ....more
Don’t Close Gitmo By: Judith Miller / City Journal
We will need detention centers as long as the War on Terror lasts. ....more
Get A Job By: Gary Andres / Weekly Standard
How unemployment could sink Democrats in Congress. ....more
Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Norman Finkelstein By: John Perazzo
The next investigative article in a series Frontpage is running about collaborators in the Islamic war against the Jews. ....more
A Bomb in Every Issue By: Jamie Glazov
How the short, unruly life of Ramparts magazine changed America. ....more
Obama's U.N. Speech and Israel By: Joseph Klein
The matter of securing a Jewish State. ....more
Still Handling Homeland Security With a 9/10 Attitude By: Michelle Malkin
Terror suspect Najibullah Zazi has done us all a favor. ....more
The Only Feasible Basis for Arab-Israeli Peace By: Daniel Mandel
Time to end the fraud that the ball lies in Israel’s court. ....more
Religious Left Targets Conservatives By: Mark D. Tooley
Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh attacked for questioning ObamaCare. ....more
Al-Qaeda Takes Aim at Germany By: Ryan Mauro
The terrorist group hopes to influence the September 27 elections. ....more
Choosing The Right College By: Thomas Sowell
Beware of grossly misleading information. ....more
Goldstone Report a Barrier to Peace By: Alan M. Dershowitz
Encouraging Israel’s enemies to provoke Israeli self-defense measures. ....more
Speaking of Lying By: Tom Purcell
More of the same is not "meaningful reform." ....more
From Small Beginnings By: David Solway
Today’s environmental movement is not really about the environment. ....more
The Psychology of Collaborators in the War Against the Jews By: David Gutmann
Addicted to the aroma of their own resentments. ....more
Peace Process or War Process? By: Daniel Pipes
Diplomacy aiming to shut down the Arab-Israeli conflict is premature until Palestinians give up one addiction. ....more
The Campus War Against Israel and the Jews: Sondra Hale By: Claude Cartaginese
The next investigative article in a series Frontpage is running about the individuals and organizations that are waging an all out war on American college campuses against Israel and the Jews. ....more
The Conservative Debate Over Glenn Beck By: Ronald Radosh / Pajamas Media
Some thoughts on David Horowitz's exchange with David Frum. ....more
Are Communists (or neo-Communists) Dangerous? By: David Horowitz / NewsReal
Yes, Bill O'Reilly, they are. ....more
Gorby's Spin-Doctors By: Jamie Glazov
How Gorbachev is claiming copyright on the history of his rule. ....more
Obama's Health Tax -- on the Middle Class By: Dick Morris
The next demographic group that may jump ship. ....more
Is Glenn Beck Good for Conservatives? By: Jamie Glazov
David Frum and David Horowitz debate ....more
ACORN's Illegal Alien Home Loan Racket By: Michelle Malkin
There's one thing more shocking than the illegal alien smuggling advice. ....more
The U.N. and Double Standards By: Joseph Klein
No to Honduras’ constitution but yes to Iran’s fraudulent election. ....more
In Defense of Capitalism By: Vasko Kohlmayer
Why America's survival depends on it. ....more
Why Hamas Has Been Quiet in 2009 By: Aaron Mannes and V.S. Subrahmanian / Palestinian Rocket Report
Despite a tactical ceasefire, the jihadists are still committed to Israel’s destruction. ....more
An “Islamically Correct” Conference By: Véronique Chemla
The Aladdin Project celebrates the myth of the “golden age” of Muslim rule. ....more
Can Merkel Make It? By: Ulf Gartzke / Weekly Standard
Germany's national election heats up. ....more
Jihadic Barbarians vs the Sleeping Western Giant By: Phyllis Chesler / Pajamas Media
Newspeak triumphs, truth slain. ....more
Acorn: A Democratic Party Albatross By: Sol Stern / Forbes.com
If Obama wants to refute the charge that he has a secret socialist agenda, he now has the perfect opportunity. ....more
Stupid Defenselessness Initiative By: Ben Johnson
The Obama administration’s nuclear disarmament zealotry strains our alliances, rewards our enemies, and puts our safety in peril. ....more
Capitalism: Cosmic Threat to Planet By: Mark D. Tooley
Global Calvinism finds an unsuprising target. ....more
Pining for Authoritarianism By: Jamie Glazov
Why Russia is hysterically denouncing a resolution equating Stalinism with Nazism. ....more
Fables for Adults By: Thomas Sowell
Obama want you to drop your bone in the water, hoping that you'll get somebody else's bigger bone. ....more
The U.N.'s Blood Libel By: Alan M. Dershowitz
A new investigation of Israel discredits itself and undercuts human rights. ....more
Death Sentence for a Muslim Girl By: Jamie Glazov
Guess what Islamic centers and mosques in America preach what must be done to apostates like Fathima Rifqa Bary? ....more
ObamaCare: Insurance Rescission on a National Scale By: David Gratzer
Rationing for the masses is right around the corner. ....more
ACORN Watch: A "Sting"-ing Indictment of Media Hypocrisy By: Michelle Malkin
Undercover journalism is only acceptable when it fits a liberal agenda. ....more
Obama’s “Diversity Chief” and the End of Talk Radio By: John Perazzo
The FCC’s Mark Lloyd aims to purge conservatives from the airwaves under the rubric of “diversity” and “localism.” ....more
The Left is Right By: Dennis Prager
Taxes are a moral issue. ....more
Mexico's Bloody Drug War By: Jaime Daremblum / Weekly Standard
In its battle against the drug cartels, Mexico deserves U.S. support. ....more
The Religious Left Discovers Radical Islam By: Mark D. Tooley
Could it be that Christians are victims and not victimizers? ....more
Coddling a Terrorist By: Stephen Brown
Canada’s leftist media sympathizes with a convicted bomb-plotter. ....more
Iran’s Reign of Terror By: Jamie Glazov
The mullahs torture, the people resist. ....more
Orwell’s Grandchildren By: David Forsmark
War on Terror dystopian fiction takes different inspiration but arrives at conclusions similar to its Cold War parent. ....more
A Mysterious “Hijacking” By: Ryan Mauro
Unanswered questions about a Russian ship and its cargo. ....more
KSM's Sleeper Agents Posed a Serious Threat By: Thomas Joscelyn / Weel;y Standard
Peter Bergen vs. The CIA ....more
The Manchurian Candidate By: David Horowitz
Barack Obama emerges as the radical leader of a new popular front. ....more
Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America By: Jamie Glazov
A new book draws ire from the Left. ....more
The Campus War Against Israel and the Jews: The Council on American-Islamic Relations By: John Perazzo
The next article in an investigative series Frontpage is running about the individuals and organizations that are waging an all out war on American college campuses against Israel and the Jews. ....more
Bernie Kerik: The Trial of an American Hero By: Dave Eberhart & Jim Meyers / NewsMax.com
Former New York City police commissioner fights for his reputation against a federal prosecution run amok. ....more
Obama's 9/11 Prism By: Paul Sperry
As we mark the 8th anniversary of the worst foreign attack on U.S. soil, what do we really know about what our commander-in-chief thinks about it? ....more
The K Street Tax Cheat Who's Lobbying to Save Obamacare By: Michelle Malkin
How the president and Tom Daschle serve each other's interests. ....more
Pulling the Trigger? By: Ben Johnson
The president’s slow (bipartisan) road to socialized medicine. ....more
The End of the World By: Michael Ledeen / Pajamas Media
Welcome to the global alliance directed against the United States, running from Moscow to Tehran, Damascus and Caracas. ....more
Wake-Up Call By: John P. Hannah / Weekly Standard
Time to get serious about helping Iran's opposition. ....more
Wolf Finds Support in the Muslim World By: David Swindle / NewsReal
No, the debate between Naomi Wolf and Phyllis Chesler isn’t dead yet. ....more
To Ruin a Movie By: Jim Lakely / The American Culture
Are cheap shots at Republicans and nonliberals really necessary in a film about cooking? ....more
On Kennedy, Andropov, and KAL 007 By: Paul Kengor
Trusting a Stalinist over Ronald Reagan? ....more
Obama and the Cult of Personality By: Steven M. Cohen
Since the founding, America has been the land without kings. ....more
The ACLU and the Unholy Alliance By: David Horowitz / NewsReal
Exposing America’s defenders to America’s enemies. ....more
Case Closed By: Jacob Laksin
Harsh interrogation techniques kept the country safe. ....more
Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Tony Judt By: Steven Plaut
The next investigative article in a series Frontpage is running about collaborators in the Islamic war against the Jews. ....more
The Communist Collapse: Twenty Years On By: Jamie Glazov
How and why the surviving heirs of the Soviet monster are alive and well. ....more
Time to Roll Away Rolling Stone By: S. T. Karnick / The American Culture
Rock and Roll-centric critics are beginning to lose their dominance in music criticism. All the better. ....more
To Ban an Israeli Film By: Alan M. Dershowitz
Leftist filmmakers and writers show their totalitarian stripes. ....more
Bar Ahmadinejad By: Joseph Klein
Why the Iranian despot has no business setting foot on U.S. territory -- or speaking at the U.N. ....more
Listening to a Liar By: Thomas Sowell
What Barack Obama says Wednesday night is not nearly as important as what he has been doing. ....more
Silence of the Graves By: Stephen Brown
Vladimir Putin refuses to apologize for Stalin's crimes. ....more
George Gilder to Speak in L.A. By: Jamie Glazov
Author of The Israel Test to give speech at Wednesday Morning Club on Thursday. ....more
Wolf Howls By: Robert Spencer
Feminist leader cries foul as her justifications of Islamic misogyny are exposed. ....more
Holder's Destructive Investigation By: Bruce S. Thornton
Whether for partisan advantage or out of delusional utopianism, the jihadists win. ....more
School Bells and Rocket Sirens By: Anav Silverman
Sderot students go back to school. ....more
Conspiracy Czar By: Ben Johnson
Van Jones, 9/11 Truther, believes Hurricane Katrina was a conspiracy, too. ....more
Chesler-Wolf-Glazov: Round Three By: Phyllis Chesler
For your sake, Naomi, I am willing to keep our meeting private, even secret. ....more
Why Parents Don't Trust the Educator-in-Chief and His Comrades By: Michelle Malkin
The backlash against the president's nationwide speech to schoolchildren next Tuesday. ....more
Obama Is Losing His Base By: Dick Morris
This week's polls are a disaster for the president. ....more
What Would Jesus Insure? By: Joseph Loconte / Weekly Standard
The religious left rallies for Obamacare. ....more
"United in Hate" Exposes the Left's Embrace of Radical Islam By: Cynthia Yockey / AConservativeLesbian.com
Jamie Glazov's new book sheds new light on the psychological foundation of totalitarian movements. ....more
NewsReal Gets Drawn Into Wolf-Chesler Battle By: LittleMissAttila.com
A stand-off on sex, burqas and women's rights spreads throughout the blogosphere. ....more
Ahmadinejad – the Economic Reformer By: Rachel Ehrenfeld
Iran’s privatization sham. ....more
The Crime of a Photo By: Lisa Daftari
Award winning photojournalist flees Iran after picture appears on cover of Time Magazine. ....more
Ask Aunt Sophie By: Judith Weizner
A congressman decries the lack of civility in the health care debate. ....more
Perverting Peace By: Mark D. Tooley
The religious Left exploits 9/11 to raise funds for "Christian Peacemaking Teams." ....more

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