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Jeremiah Wright Cries "Racism" Again / NewsReal Blog He says "racists in the right wing" oppose Obamacare "because poor people are about to be helped." ....more
Ridiculing Obama Is Racist Hate? / NewsReal Blog The left takes offense to an anonymous poster depicting the President as the villainous "Joker." ....more
Obama “Socialist Joker” Depiction Inflames the Left / NewsReal Blog The left takes offense to an anonymous poster depicting the President as the villainous "Joker." ....more
The Lesson of Gatesgate By: Andrew Cline
Has Henry Louis Gates Jr. learned anything from his “teachable moment”? ....more
Who Is Henry Louis Gates? An in-depth look at the Harvard professor who says he is a victim of racism. ....more
Obama Says White Police "Acted Stupidly" The recent arrest of a prominent black scholar leads Obama to condemn America's "long history" of "disproportionate" law enforcement. ....more
Racism Is a White Characteristic? / NewsReal Blog Chris Matthews explains why "a white guy can't say" what Obama told the NAACP. ....more
The NFL's Affirmative Action Deception By: Carl F. Horowitz
An in-depth look at the "Rooney Rule." ....more
Sotomayor in the Dock By: John Perazzo
What the Supreme Court nominee should be asked during her confirmation hearings. ....more
Ricci and the Skills Gap By: Heather Mac Donald / City Journal
Racism is not to blame for unequal results between blacks and whites. ....more
Al Sharpton Show: Did Sarah Palin Harm Michael Jackson? / NewsReal Blog The racial arsonist says nothing to disavow a wild conspiracy theory raised by a caller to his radio show. ....more
Al Sharpton: A Lifelong Racist Eulogizes Michael Jackson The media and the Jackson family seek wisdom and solace from one of America's vilest bigots. ....more
The Return of the Black Panther By: Washington Times Editorial / Washington Times
The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights stands up to Obama administration stonewalling on racist voter intimidation. ....more
Reversing “Reverse Discrimination” By: John Perazzo
The Supreme Court overturns Sonia Sotomayor and strikes a blow for racial equality. ....more
Intelligence is Not an Affirmative Action Program By: Barry Loberfeld
A survey of young science scholars shatters cherished racial myths of the Left and Right. ....more
The Conservative Who Exposed Jim Crow By: Bill Steigerwald
More than a decade before "Black Like Me," conservative journalist Ray Sprigle exposed black life in the Old South. ....more
Mainstreaming Demagoguery: Al Sharpton's Rise to Respectability, Part 2 By: Carl F. Horowitz
A thorough examination of the character, career and impact of the renowned race-hustler. ....more
Mainstreaming Demagoguery: Al Sharpton's Rise to Respectability, Part 1 By: Carl F. Horowitz
A thorough examination of the character, career and impact of the renowned race-hustler. ....more
No "Racial Justice" for Whites By: David Keene
The Obama administration looks the other at Black Panthers intimidating white voters. ....more
White Firemen Have a "Compelling Life Story," Too By: Michael Reagan
Sonia Sotomayor got her chance to work her way up; so should Frank Ricci, et. al. ....more
The Case for Colorblind Justice By: John Perazzo
The Supreme Court case of Ricci v. DeStefano presents a direct challenge to decades of Affirmative Action policies. ....more
Saved from Durban II By: Joseph Klein
Obama overrules his anti-Israel, internationalist advisers. This time. ....more
Ten Questions for David Horowitz By: Asher Smith / The Emory Wheel
FrontPageMag's editor-in-chief discusses academic bias, why he drives the Left crazy, the future of the Republican Party, and how he feels about being paired with people like Ward Churchill. ....more
Racial Cartoon Whining By: Daryl Cagle
A cartoonist prepares himself for endless racial complaints -- and an assault on his right to free speech. ....more
Taking Leave of our Census By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
The absurdity of turning over the future make-up of the Electoral College to political hacks. ....more
Jesse Junior An in-depth look at the career and politics of Jesse Jackson's son, the Illinois congressman. ....more
Eric Holder's Racial Accusations The Attorney General says America does not obsess with race enough. ....more
NAACP Prez Supports Holder As AG Benjamin Jealous says Holder "understands that people shouldn't be targeted because of what they look like." ....more
Rev. Lowery's Racist Benediction At the Obama inauguration, preacher launches attack on whites. ....more
The Unpoet By: Ben Johnson
Obama's inaugural poet, Elizabeth Alexander, is accomplished at writing about "a soggy bloody crotch," "baby farts," "gaudy, mustard-colored poop" - and cutting out white men's hearts. ....more
NAACP Official Bemoans "Slavery" Symbol The head of Alabama's NAACP finds something new to whine about. ....more
The Proven Method to Improve Minority Education By: Paul E. Peterson and Daniel Nadler / Education Next
A case study of states that have genuine alternative certification. ....more
Enough About Pride; Where is Minority Shame? By: Dennis Prager
Identity politics works both ways (or should). ....more
Obama: Tilting at Racial Windmills By: John Perazzo
The president-elect pledges to fix criminal-justice system discrimination that doesn't exist. ....more
Holy Cao By: Jeff Crouere
David Duke's home state elects the first Vietnamese American to Congress. ....more
Durban II: An Early Test By: Joseph Klein
Will the first (real) black president lend legitimacy to the UN's anti-Israel hatefest? ....more
Red Hoax, Blue Hoax By: Ann Coulter
MSNBC finds white hoaxes prove white racism, and black hoaxes prove white racism. ....more
Socialism We Can Believe In By: Ben Johnson
The media lie about Obama’s plans for "redistribution of wealth" and the startling implications of his 2001 interview. ....more
Real Educational Equality for Black Students By: David Whitman / Education Next
A number of successful urban schools have one thing in common: they teach values and accept no excuses. ....more
Obama's Stealth Reparations By: Paul Sperry
The overlooked, unseemly context of his 2001 "redistribution" interview. ....more
Pennsylvania's "Bitter Clingers" By: Bill Steigerwald
Is Western Pennsylvania really part of the Bigot Belt? ....more
The "Anti-Racist" Racist TransAfrica founder Randall Robinson describes white people as "little more than upper primates." ....more
Purple Prose Priest Pans Palin By: Mark D. Tooley
Supposedly, the election is all about American racism. ....more
Rev. Jeremiah Wright: The Cuban Connection By: Humberto Fontova
How the pastor coddled an oppressive and racist regime. ....more
The Pathology of Durban II By: Joseph Klein
Another U.N. hatefest draws near. ....more
How Cop Bashers Menace Minorities By: Heather Mac Donald / New York Post
Another tedious lawsuit against the NYPD. ....more
Where Are My Reparations? By: Michael Reagan
This Irishman wants on the guilt gravy train. ....more
Barack's "Tragic" Emphasis By: Ben Johnson
Is Obama obsessed with American “evil”? ....more
Alan Keyes' Wrecking Crew By: FrontPage Magazine
The Energizer Loser runs for yet another third party’s presidential nomination – as his minions hijack it from within. ....more
Assorted Nuts By: Ben Johnson
Jesse Jackson exposes the Left’s rampant rage and racism. ....more
Victims of the Left: Black Americans In the name of "social justice," a host of leftist policies have done incalculable harm to the black community. ....more
The Left Eats Its Own Children By: Dr. Paul Kengor
In the end, the Clintons were expendable. ....more
Obama's Communist "Poet" Friend By: Bill Steigerwald
What Communist Party USA member did Obama mention fondly in his memoirs only as "a poet named Frank"? ....more
Rev Accuses Hillary of "White Entitlement" According to Michael Pfleger, Mrs. Clinton considers her rival, Barack Obama, "a black man stealing my show." ....more
Left-Wing Racism Remembered By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
A courageous black woman exposes the Democratic Party's vicious history of oppression. ....more
UN Hatemongers to Investigate U.S. "Racism" By: Joseph Klein
A Senegal native who refuses to condemn anti-Christian and anti-Jewish textbooks thinks the Great Satan needs to be more sensitive to Islam. ....more
The Left's Racist Groupthink By: Michael Reagan
To leftists, you aren't a person: you're only a member of a race, a sex, or a class. ....more
Rev. Wright's Pupil By: Michael Reagan
Michelle Obama wants to fix your soul. ....more
Rev. Wright's Teachers By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
Jeremiah Wright's rhetoric has an eerie echo to those who have monitored Black Muslim propaganda. ....more
A Modest Proposal for Racist Reconquistas By: Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
Want to do something daring? Try reforming Mexico. ....more
Michael Moore, Frank Rich, Jeremiah Wright, and John Hagee By: Dennis Prager
The hyperventilating Left finds moral equivalence where there is none. ....more
Michelle Obama: Black "Separationist"? By: Christopher Hitchens / Slate
How much does radical racialist philosophy influence the woman who would be First Lady? ....more
The Picture of Barack Obama By: Dr. Marvin J. Folkertsma
Oscar Wilde would have understood the currents that run through the media's Obamaphilia. ....more
Sharpton Denounces Police Acquittals in Shooting Al Sharpton says he will lead "massive civil disobedience" to protest the acquittal of the cops who killed Sean Bell in 2006. ....more
The Man Behind Jeremiah Wright James Cone, founder of black liberation theology, calls for "the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery." ....more
Obama's Other Pastor Problem Like Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Michael Pfleger of Chicago loves Louis Farrakhan and condemns the U.S. ....more
Racial-Preference Ballots Go National By: Harry Stein / City Journal
Initiatives in four states could shape the presidential election. ....more
Dreams From My Father By: Ann Coulter
...and lame excuses from my grandfather. ....more
Radical Muslim Students' Magazine Al-Talib, published by UCLA's MSA, has glorified Islamic terror groups while condemning America and Israel. ....more
The Surprise Effect of Rev. Wright By: Floyd and Mary Beth Brown
All of Obama’s hard work to woo the white evangelical vote may be lost. ....more
Obama's Pastor and the Jewish "Ethnic Bomb" Jeremiah Wright’s church newsletter reprinted a lie circulated by a Palestinian activist accusing Israel of developing an "ethnic bomb" designed to kill "blacks and Arabs." ....more
Hillary: Swiftboated! By: Ann Coulter
Obama never told us: what's the "legitimate" source of his pastor's Jew-hatred? ....more
Obama: Not a Crackpot Church The Senator defends his association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright again. ....more
Obama Lied About My Dad By: Michael Reagan
The Reagan Coalition wasn't built on Wright-Wing racism. ....more
Throw Grandma Under the Bus By: Ann Coulter
The most patronizing thing we can do to blacks is hold them to a different standard when we're deciding who's a racist. ....more
The Audacity of Hate By: Paul M. Weyrich
Rev. Wright's anger could consume Obama's presidential hopes. ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
Twenty-Two Years of Hate Sermons What Barack Obama learned from his minister. ....more
Racists for "Choice" Several Planned Parenthood branches agreed to accept donations designated to fund the abortion of black babies only. ....more
Farrakhan Loves Obama The Nation of Islam leader says the Democratic frontrunner is "the hope of the entire world that America will change." ....more
The Democrats' Southern Strategy By: Jacob Laksin
South Carolina ignites the politics of race. ....more
Hillary's Race War By: Dick Morris
The Clintons plan to win the nomination by losing South Carolina, along racial lines. ....more
The First Affirmative Action Candidate By: Joseph Puder
Barack Obama cashes in on white guilt. ....more
Obama's Minister Honored Farrakhan Last month, Barack’s longtime minister honored the Nation of Islam leader for lifetime achievement. ....more
The 9/10 Caucuses By: FrontPage Magazine
In Iowa, both parties voted for foreign policy naifs. ....more
Kwanzaa: Holiday from the FBI By: Ann Coulter
The Marxist holiday invented by a dupe of the feds. ....more
Hate Hoaxes By: Walter Williams / Washington Times
Acts of racial discrimination that weren't. ....more
Islamization on the Chesapeake By: Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Condi Rice's ridiculous behavior at Annapolis. ....more
Day of Rubbish By: Ben Johnson
Pat Buchanan believes we have nothing to fear but blacks and black helicopters. ....more
The Southern Poverty Law Center: Clumsy Smear Masters By: Don Feder / GrassTopsUSA.com
I've arrived: I've joined David Horowitz, Dinesh D'Souza, and the American Enterprise Institute as an SPLC target. ....more

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