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Superdelegates Put Obama Within Mathematical Reach ...even if he loses half of the remaining six contests. ....more
Letting Al-Qaeda Chat Away By: Paul M. Weyrich
Who's keeping the feds from wiretapping the next 9/11 terrorists? Madam Speaker. ....more
Why I Smoke (Cigars) By: Dennis Prager
I have one cigar a day; does that make me an unwitting murderer? ....more
Islamophobia Myth By: Kenan Malik / Prospect Magazine
The myth of the anti-Muslim backlash. ....more
Why A Jew Supports Christian America By: Don Feder
At Christmastime, I want to thank Christians for the gift of America. ....more
"Islamophobic Prejudice" and CAIR By: Daniel Pipes
A Pakistani man who claimed his store was torched in a hate crime is arrested for setting the blaze himself. ....more
Science Wars By: Lowell Ponte
We need to free science from the Commissars who now control it.
A Child's First P.C. Thanksgiving By: Rex W. Huppke
School bars pilgrim, Indian costumes as insensitive. ....more
Free Colonel West! By: Michael Reagan
A courageous military man saved his men's lives; for that, he could be sent to the slammer. ....more
"Hate Crimes" in Our Future? By: Robert W. Tracinski
The ridiculous bipartisan case for codifying thoughtcrime. ....more
Religious Fanatics: Real and Imagined By: Larry Elder / Townhall.com
The crucifixion of Gen. Jerry Boykin. ....more
Rush, to Judgment By: Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh: the first drug addicted "hypocrite" the Left refuses to defend! ....more
New York City: Outlawing Self-Defense By: Michael Tremoglie
A far-left Brooklyn D.A. sends a veteran to prison for protecting his family's lives. ....more
Myth of the Muslim Hate-Crime Epidemic By: Michelle Malkin / Townhall.com
The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee's "creative accounting." ....more
The United Way's Boy Scout Fetish By: Michael Reagan

One major chapter will cut off funds unless Scout leaders get a badge in "sensitivity training."

Britain's Real Political Prisoner By: Val MacQueen
The UK's "human rights" lobby fights to keep an innocent man in jail in order to protect burglars from harm. ....more
I’m Suing Michael Savage! By: David Yeagley
I will not tolerate the radio host dictating the meaning of the name Savage.  ....more
British Man Denied Parole, Ruled "A Threat to Burglars" By: Val MacQueen
In Merry Old England, only the criminals are safe. ....more
Christian Cleansing Part III: Monarch High School, Boulder, CO By: Berny Morson / Rocky Mountain News

Allowing school clubs such as the Gay/Straight Alliance and the Multicultural Club is fair game, but a Bible club is out of the question.

Tolerance.org -- Where Everyone's a Racist By: Charles F. Wickwire / EnterStageRight.com
Find out how much of a "racist" you really are... ....more
Racial Hucksters Attack Police By: John Perazzo
More anti-police bigotry from the left. ....more
Nyack Indians Forever! By: David Yeagley
A Comanche protests the banning of Indian symbols.  ....more
A PC Christmas By: David Montgomery

How the Politically Correct Grinch stole Christmas...  

Indians Fouled By NCAA For Political Incorrectness By: Lisa Makson
Lumbee Indians are reprimanded for using "racially offensive" logo. ....more
Time for Regime Change in Minneapolis By: Scott W. Johnson and John H. Hinderaker / The Claremont Institiute
The appeasement mentality that holds Minneapolis’s leaders in its grip has now reached a critical point. ....more
A Camberwell Tale: The Schizophrenic's Story By: Rick Heller
In Camberwell, you can't discriminate on the basis of ability. ....more
'Hate Crime' Statistics Lie By: NewsMax.com / NewsMax.com
Check out what is, and is not, considered a "hate crime." ....more
Hate Crime Police Raid 150 Homes By: BBC News / BBC News

"Big Brother" raids homes, arresting Brits who utter forbidden opinions

Television Does Terror By: Eli Lehrer
Real TV! "24" producers Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow's avoid typical Hollywood PC inanities ....more
Politically Correct Profiling By: Chris Weinkopf
Sacrificing lives on the politically correct altar. ....more
Oriana Fallaci Sheds Heat and Light

Italian Provocateur Oriana Fallaci says "ciao" to the European Left in her new book The Rage and the Pride.

How The Left Deals With Its Dissenters By: Jack McCarthy / Counterpunch.org

In this article appearing on the anti-American "progressive" site "Counterpunch.org," our dear friend Christopher Hitchens is given the treatment by his socially conscious former comrades. It is not too
difficult to visualize what they would do to him if they had government power.

Al Qaeda and the Sniper

Is the Sniper part of an American al-Qaeda cell?

Why Multiculturalists Hate America By: Dan Flynn
Ostensibly, multiculturalism celebrates overlooked aspects of foreign cultures. In practice, it serves as a propaganda tool of the domestic Left to denigrate America and the West. ....more
New York Times Goes Wilding on Central Park Jogger By: Ann Coulter
Our criminal justice system presupposes that juries are better positioned to evaluate the truth than New York Times reporters looking for the next Scottsboro Boys case. ....more
Hell Is a Real Place Why, in this country, are there only whispers, if that, about the horror in Zimbabwe? ....more
Hate Crime in Chicago A man is murdered in broad daylight in front of a police station...and the silence is deafening. ....more
Evil Counselor A man who has raised the bar for all self-hating Jews. ....more
De-Nazify the West Bank By: Caroline B. Glick

The genocidal chorus on the West Bank is giving new meaning to the idea of collective guilt.

Terror in Israel By: John Perazzo
This is what slow genocide looks like. ....more
The Decency of the Death Penalty By: Tammy Bruce

Thanks to a death penalty freeze 30 years ago, the Manson family is still with us.

A Kid Dies in Cleveland By: John Perazzo

Raymond Bozak's murder could have been a hate crime.  But no one cared enough to call it one.

Taliban John: Journey's End By: Henry Mark Holzer
Heralded as a "surprise deal" by the Associated Press, Lindh's capitulation was anything but. ....more
The Wichita Massacre On September 9, Reginald Carr and his brother Jonathan go on trial for a week-long crime spree that culminated in the quadruple homicide of four young people in a snowy soccer field in Wichita, Kansas. Although the perpetrators are black and all their victims white, the Wichita police have dismissed race as a motive. ....more
Liberals Mugged by Racial Reality By: Timothy Egan / nytimes.com

The killing of a white King County sheriff's deputy by a black man has generated a backlash against efforts to make officers more sensitive to race.






Unnecessary Deaths By: David Horowitz

A new study released at the International AIDS Conference in Barcelona is a benchmark of the worst scandal and the worst atrocity in American history.

Theater Deems 'Hunchback' Offensive A British theater company has changed the name of its adaptation of the classic novel, ``The Hunchback of Notre Dame,'' so it won't offend people with the disability. ....more
Murdering the Bell Curve By: Ann Coulter

In the wake of last week's Supreme Court decision banning the execution of the mentally retarded, we finally have liberals on record admitting there is such a thing as IQ.

Stop—in the Name of Hate! By: Chris Weinkopf
An attack in New York City last week, which received little coverage outside the City’s media, is one more reminder that what constitutes a "hate crime" has less to do with animus than with politically correct classifications. ....more
Alingual Education Young victims of mass immigration A story from Sunday's Washington Post suggests that the problem of educating immigrant children is far worse than most people thought, and that the sunny predictions about mass immigration turning out fine, just like 100 years ago, are unlikely to pan out. ....more
Andrea Yates Part II. A Reminder of the Need for Execution By: Jamie Glazov

The crimes of Andrea Yates provide an irrefutable argument in favor of the death penalty. 

The Color of Murder By: Larry Elder

What have come to be characterized as hate crimes often command national headlines and choruses of liberal outrage, except when the victim is either white or heterosexual. 

Danielle van Dam — Victim of "Alternative Lifestyles?" By: Chris Weinkopf
MAYBE, JUST MAYBE it was a total stranger who abducted seven-year-old Danielle van Dam from her San Diego home almost two weeks ago. Some thug could have picked her parents’ house at random and snuck in during the middle of the night, evading detection despite the home-security system. Somehow, the intruder could have found his way up to Danielle’s bedroom and removed her against her willagain, without being noticed. ....more
MTV’s Agenda of Hate By: Scott Rubush
TODAY, as FrontPageMagazine.com unveils its first annual "Hate Crime Hall of Shame," we extend our thanks to MTV for providing our chief inspiration. Had it not been for MTV’s high-profile "Fight for your Rights" campaign last January, pushing for hate-crime legislation, we might never have felt the need to fight for our rights by posting the other side of the hate-crime story on our Web site. MTV’s campaign is now long forgotten, yet it lives on as a sobering reminder of how major media aid and abet the crackpot schemes of the left. ....more
The Truth about Hate Crime Statistics By: John Perazzo
ELEVEN YEARS AGO, Congress passed the Hate Crimes Statistics Act (HCSA), mandating the collection of data about transgressions motivated by an offender’s bias against a victim’s race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Commissioned by the Attorney General, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program developed a system to compile and classify this information. The crimes tallied would include both personal offenses (such as murder, rape, assault, and intimidation), and property offenses (such as robbery, burglary, theft, arson, and vandalism). In 1994, incidents of bias against persons with disabilities were added as a newly counted category of hate crimes. ....more
In Defense of Slurs By: Jennifer Kabbany
IT’S COMMON KNOWLEDGE nowadays that Black Americans are the only humans allowed to say the word “nigger.” Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary even goes so far as to explain why: “Originally simply a dialectal variant of Negro, the term nigger is today acceptable only in black English; in all other contexts it is now generally regarded as virtually taboo because of the legacy of racial hatred that underlies the history of its use among whites, and its continuing use among a minority of speakers as a viciously hostile epithet." ....more

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