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UN Report A Victory for Terror By: Michael Oren / Boston Globe
The latest outrage in the UN's anti-Israel smear campaign. ....more
Netanyahu to UN: Don’t Go Back to the Dark Age By: P. David Hornik
The bitterness behind the Israeli prime minister’s diplomatic spin. ....more
Zbigotry By: Matt Gurney
Former Carter administration staffer and onetime Obama adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski claims the U.S. should attack Israel to save Iran. ....more
In Memoriam: Assaf Ramon By: P. David Hornik
A young Israeli pilot followed a tradition of heroism and tragedy. ....more
One Cheer for Obama's Foreign Policy By: Daniel Pipes
Involving Arab states in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations is a step in the right direction. ....more
Browsing the Shadow Library By: David Solway
Many books in recent years have made an insidious case against Israel. ....more
The Other Occupations By: Seth Frantzman
A survey of disputed territories around the world yields insights into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ....more
A Palestinian State: Fuel to the Fire of a Burning Middle East By: Yoram Ettinger / News1
When does a "solution" only make the problem far worse? ....more
Israel's Fifth Column By: P. David Hornik
How an Israeli Arab plotted with Hezbollah to assassinate Israel’s chief of staff. ....more
Watching the Watchers By: Gerald Steinberg / Jerusalem Post
Human Rights Watch passes off biased anti-Israel attacks as balanced research. ....more
Confronting Turkish Anti-Semitism By: Rifat N. Bali / The Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs
How leftist and Islamist intellectuals turn public opinion against Israel. ....more
All Process, No Peace By: David Solway
More spin and spinning wheels in the war against Israel. ....more
The 14 Lies Blocking Peace in the Middle East By: Steven Plaut
Israel's enemies around the world have poisoned the debate with their smoke and mirrors. ....more
Obama's Apartheid Plan For Jerusalem By: Steven Plaut / The Jewish Press
South Africa comes to Israel at the President's hand. ....more
Israel's Self-Inflicted Woes By: Daniel Mandel / The Jerusalem Post
A state setting itself up for failure. ....more
Pacifist War on Israel By: P. David Hornik
The American Friends Service Committee keeps the Jewish state in its sites. ....more
East Jerusalem’s Lost Years By: Seth Frantzman
Knowing the hidden history to defend Israel from her enemies. ....more
See No Evil By: Chris Harnisch / Jewish Policy Center
Egypt turns a blind eye to Gaza arms smuggling. ....more
Leaning on Israel By: Ralph Peters / New York Post
Obama’s politically correct geography. ....more
Whither Jerusalem? By: Richard L. Cravatts
The future of Israel’s capital hangs in the balance. ....more
Obama's Settlements Delusion By: Benny Avni / New York Post
The road to peace does not lie through Jerusalem. ....more
"Israel as Brutal as Iran" By: HonestReporting.com
The Huffington Post's Max Blumenthal equates Israel with Neda's murderers. ....more
When a Suicide Bomb is a "Not-Nice" Thing By: David Solway
Another book's distortions about Israel. ....more
Leonard Cohen Takes You DOWN By: Steven Plaut
Coming to the Middle East to entertain terrorists. ....more
The Other Straight Talking Lieberman By: Joseph Klein
Israel's foreign minister speaks out ....more
The Middle East and Double Standards By: P. David Hornik
The Obama administration pressures Israel, and sees no evil in Iran. ....more
Adbusters' Spurious Gaza - Warsaw Ghetto Comparison By: HonestReporting.com
A Canadian magazine abuses Holocaust imagery to attack Israel. ....more
The Return of Carterism By: P. David Hornik
Echoes of Carter-style moral blindness in Obama’s Middle East policies. ....more
Crocodile Tears for Palestinian Christians By: Mark D. Tooley
A Religious Left group mourns the "dwindling" Christian population in Palestine (but nowhere else) as a foil against Israel. ....more
Obama, Brokaw, and Buchenwald By: Joseph Puder
Rejecting sick moral equivalence between the Holocaust and the treatment of Palestinians. ....more
British Ambassador Visits Sderot Trauma Facilities By: Anav Silverman
Will the suffering victims of rocket attacks lose a chance at rehabilitation? ....more
Et Tutu? By: Mark D. Tooley
In the UK, Archbishop Desmond Tutu demonizes Israel, Christians, and the United States while ignoring Sudanese genocide. ....more
A Strained Alliance By: P. David Hornik
The Obama administration has taken a hard line toward Israel. ....more
Sderot Trauma Centers Faces Uncertain Future By: Anav Silverman
Knesset Ministries step up financial assistance for trauma centers in Sderot and western Negev. ....more
Israel on High Alert By: P. David Hornik
This week’s nationwide drills are testament to the new administration’s realism about Iran. ....more
The Professor’s Obsession By: Cinnamon Stillwell
Israel-bashing 101 with Stanford's Joel Beinin. ....more
Driving Our Allies into Bomb Shelters By: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
The effects of Obama's Middle East policy will be deadly. ....more
The Anglicans' Ritualistic Denunciation By: Mark D. Tooley
Canterbury shrugs at North Korean mass starvation but condemns Israeli "apartheid," world without end. ....more
Obama and Netanyahu Meet: What Next? By: Daniel Pipes
A fragile status quo could one day be shattered by an atomic warhead. ....more
Detention Duplicity By: Joseph Klein
An insider's look at how the UN reacts to Sri Lanka's anti-terror war, and Israel's. ....more
Obama's Two-State Nakba By: Joseph Puder
The Obama administration strong-arms AIPAC, and Israel, to accept the seeds of its own destruction. ....more
Israel's Christian Beneficiaries By: Seth Frantzman
How Palestinian Christians benefited from the creation of the Jewish state. ....more
Middle East Scapegoat By: P. David Hornik
The Obama administration blames Israel for Tehran's nuclear program. ....more
PAC Blames Israel for Mideast Crisis J Street says Israel’s policies have made Palestinians "doubt Israeli motives and commitment." ....more
Near-Catastrophe in Israel By: P. David Hornik
A massive terrorist attack is averted just in the nick of time. ....more
Fatah: We Do Not Recognize Israel By: Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
Exposing the ruse that lets our tax money go to PA's kinder, gentler terrorists. ....more
Reconstructing Hamas By: P. David Hornik
Under this administration's dozing eye, Hamas is restocking its arsenal and becoming a diplomatic power. ....more
Saved from Durban II By: Joseph Klein
Obama overrules his anti-Israel, internationalist advisers. This time. ....more
Desperately Seeking Unity By: P. David Hornik
Can Benjamin Netanyahu marshal a unified coalition in the Israeli government? ....more
Israel: Its History and Its Right to Exist Access a treasure trove of powerful resources explaining the truth about Israel's history. ....more
Holy Nakba By: Mark D. Tooley
Mainline liberal Christians and their Islamic helpers put "Nakba deniers" on par with Holocaust deniers. ....more
Erasing the Line Between News and Opinion By: Frimet Roth
Haaretz's world of self-reproach. ....more
Israel at the Polls By: P. David Hornik
Worrying signs as Israel’s parliamentary election nears. ....more
Memo to George Mitchell By: Daniel Mandel
The Middle East is not Ireland, and the Palestinians do not want a stable, peaceful co-existence with the Zionist enemy. ....more
Naomi in Moab By: David Solway
Naomi Klein: inexcusable ignorance or suppression of the facts? ....more
Israel Accused of "Savage" Assault An Internation Action Center spokesman calls for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions to punish Israel for Gaza war. ....more
Mission Accomplished? By: Dr. Earl Tilford
The folly of "deterring" Hamas. ....more
The Lessons of Gaza By: Steven Plaut / The Jewish Press
Separating reality from illusion at the war’s end. ....more
"Journalist" Radical Slams "Racist" Israel Robert Fisk claims Israel “opened the gates of hell to the Palestinians." ....more
Bibi’s Bold Message By: P. David Hornik
Netanyahu to world: Israel will go it alone. ....more
Sarkozy's Diplomacy by Delusion By: Nidra Poller
The French prime minister deserves a large part of the blame for Hamas' survival. ....more
The Democrats and Israel By: Daniel Pipes
A political divorce in the making? ....more
Saved by the Ceasefire By: P. David Hornik
Hamas wins a last-minute reprieve from Israel. ....more
Egypt: Gaza's Second Front By: FrontPage Magazine
Cairo's foreign policy is quietly pursuing Israeli objectives. ....more
Mourn for Hamas Leaders, Not Christians By: Mark D. Tooley
That seems to be the message of one United Methodist bishop. ....more
Guess Who Cares About Dead Palestinians? Jews! By: Dennis Prager
Israel weeps over its enemies; Palestine cheers dead Jewish civilians. ....more
Operation Just and Necessary By: Dr. Earl Tilford
Want peace? Kill Hamas. ....more
CAIRing for Hamas By: Joe Kaufman
The connections between the terrorist group killing Jews in Israel and the "Muslim civil rights organization." ....more
Israel's Strategic Incompetence in Gaza By: Daniel Pipes
Israel has paid a high price for the failures of its leadership. ....more
Hate on the Home Front By: Orit T. Sklar
Pro-Hamas demonstrators in Atlanta march for the annihilation of Israel, justify anti-American terrorism, and equate Israeli Jews with Nazis. ....more
It's Our Fight By: William R. Hawkins
The stake the U.S. and India have in Israel's war on Hamas. ....more
Solving the Palestinian Problem By: Daniel Pipes
A new Arab occupation. ....more

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