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Yale's Cowardice By: Dennis Prager
Yale University Press bans the publication of any picture of Muhammad from a book it is set to publish. ....more
Professors Gone Wild By: Jane S. Shaw / Pope Center for Higher Education Policy
David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin survey the decline of higher education. ....more
Cornel West: The Marxist Intellectual The renowned professor who says America harbors "a profound hatred of African people." ....more
A Misreading of Academic Freedom By: Sara Dogan
A promising attempt to liberate at least one university campus comes to an end. ....more
Ahmadinejad's Academics By: Cinnamon Stillwell
Middle Eastern scholars briefly noted Tehran's corruption and brutality...but they've gotten over it. ....more
Ward Churchill Fails to Get His Job Back A judge issues his ruling on the America-hating professor who was fired on plagiarism charges. ....more
Ward Churchill Fails to Get His Job Back A judge issues his ruling on the America-hating professor who was fired on plagiarism charges. ....more
American Academics and Ahmadinejad By: Cinnamon Stillwell
The Iranian uprising triggers a shift. ....more
More Money, Less Knowledge By: Ed Feulner / CNSNews.com
As the Fourth of July nears and tuition surges, college graduates know less and less about their own country. ....more
Sinking the Naval Academy By: Bruce Fleming / The Capital
How Affirmative Action is ruining Annapolis. ....more
Championing Classroom Indoctrination Free Exchange on Campus claims there's no left-wing bias in academia. ....more
Champions of Indoctrination A coalition called "Free Exchange on Campus" sees no academic bias, hears no academic bias.... ....more
Defending Indoctrination By: David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin
The academic Left's pathetic response to One-Party Classroom. ....more
Plus Ca Change By: David Horowitz
Reflections on my 50th Class Reunion ....more
h By:
h ....more
Who Is Teaching About Islam? By: Jonathan Schanzer / The American Thinker
Apologists for extremism lead an effort in education about Islam. ....more
Pictures from an Institution By: Theodore Dalrymple
What Oxford’s poetry scandal reveals about our politically correct age. ....more
Who Speaks For Islam? Not John Esposito By: Jonathan Gelbart
If the Georgetown University Prof represents Islam, the world’s Muslims are in trouble. ....more
Marxist, Jew-Hating Atheist Visits Campuses Lenni Brenner tells college audiences that "Jews played a significant part in the slave trade" and collaborated with Hitler. ....more
Academic Fraud By: Walter Williams / CNSNews.com
Welcome to college, where all the children are above average. ....more
The Left Strikes Back By: Sara Dogan
Union funds defeat Academic Bill of Rights ....more
Grading the One-Party Classroom By: Donald Douglas
In their new book, Horowitz and Laksin hold the academic charlatans to account. ....more
Confronting Jihad on Campus By: Chris Yogerst / Parcbench
An interview with David Horowitz. ....more
Stifling Pro-Israel Views at UC Berkeley By: Reut R. Cohen
A smear campaign forcibly removes a senator in student government. ....more
Academic Freedom: The Same as Free Speech? By: Sara Dogan
Critics from both sides miss the point in Santa Barbara email case. ....more
Dialogue (Sort of) With a Bolshevik in Texas By: David Horowitz
Professor Dana Cloud exposes the One-Party Classroom at the University of Texas. ....more
Why Doesn't Communism Have as Bad a Name as Nazism? By: Dennis Prager
Seven reasons history's deadliest ideology gets a free pass. ....more
Miami University's One-Party Classroom By: Natalie McKerjee / MiamiStudent.net
Horowitz and Laksin’s book lists MU among the radical “dirty dozen.” ....more
An Attack on Academic Freedom By: Sara Dogan
The academic Left launches an unscrupulous campaign against academic freedom policies at DuPage College. ....more
One-Party Classroom By: John K. Wilson / Illinois Academe
David Horowitz interviewed by the American Association of University Professors. ....more
A Defender of Classroom Indoctrination By: Jacob Laksin
AAUP spokesman John Wilson attempts to justify the political corruption of the academic curriculum. ....more
An Academic Tragedy By: David Horowitz
America's universities are being turned into training and recruitment centers for radical causes. ....more
Challenging the One-Party Classroom By: FrontPage Magazine
David Horowitz’s new campaign aims to take indoctrination out of education. ....more
One-Party Classroom By: David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin
Our new book shows that indocrination is taking place in more university courses than you would have imagined possible. ....more
Welcome to Israel Apartheid Week By: Gregory Gethard
College students look to end “injustices.” ....more
The NEA Exposed America's largest labor union leaves no left-wing cause behind. ....more
Silenced in Speech Class By: Gregory Gethard
At Los Angeles City College, "diversity" doesn’t include certain students. ....more
Ten Questions for David Horowitz By: Asher Smith / The Emory Wheel
FrontPageMag's editor-in-chief discusses academic bias, why he drives the Left crazy, the future of the Republican Party, and how he feels about being paired with people like Ward Churchill. ....more
A Public College Funds the Left: Report on DuPage By: Students For Academic Freedom
Was there even one who represented conservative views? ....more
Jew-Hate at UCLA By: Eric Golub
Gaza Symposium: So much for “Human Rights.” ....more
Hamas’s Academic Cheerleaders By: Cinnamon Stillwell
Welcome to the Middle East Studies’ Gaza atrocity. ....more
The Smear Campaign Against the Academic Bill of Rights By: Sara Dogan
A response to the DuPage Faculty Association. ....more
"Terror is the New Communism" By: Dennis Prager
The idiocies that American college students will believe. ....more
College of DuPage Trustees Move to Adopt Academic Bill of Rights By: Sara Dogan
Faculty Association conducts misinformation campaign to defeat proposed bill. ....more
The Unpoet By: Ben Johnson
Obama's inaugural poet, Elizabeth Alexander, is accomplished at writing about "a soggy bloody crotch," "baby farts," "gaudy, mustard-colored poop" - and cutting out white men's hearts. ....more
College Education for Jr. High Kids? By: Diane Ravitch / Edweek.org
The sad reality of "remedial education" on campus. ....more
Teach the Controversy, Don’t Preach It By: David Horowitz
The Academic Bill of Rights -- five and a half years later. ....more
Speech Codes 101 By: Sara Dogan
Free speech is under assault in American universities. ....more
Public Universities Overwhelmingly Violate the First Amendment By: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education / Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
The statistical proof is in a new annual report. ....more
Campus PC Gone Crazy The top academic abuses of 2008. ....more
Prof Defends Suicide Bombers Kent State's Julio Cèsar Pino says a Palestinian "died a martyr’s death…in occupied Jerusalem, Palestine." ....more
Bush's America is Built on "nativism, white supremacism, theocratic tyranny"? That's how NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller describe the Bush "regime." ....more
How the Academic Left Elected Obama By: Dr. Paul Kengor / American Thinker
Illiberal education's chickens come home to roost. ....more
Marxist Attacks CUNY Trustees By: Phil Orenstein
A radical's blindness to real change. ....more
‘A+’ in Radicalism By: Reut Cohen / Pajamas Media
Towering Ivories By: Peter Berkowitz / The Weekly Standard
Stanley Fish and his ideal of the American university. ....more
The Death of Reasoned Discourse By: Robert Spencer
Muslims purvey propaganda and hate at East Tennessee State. ....more
Canada Conference Plans Israel’s Demise By: P. David Hornik
The "one-state solution" erases the one Jewish state. ....more
Academia Endorses Bill Ayers By: Orit T. Sklar
More than 4,000 academics, including deans and department heads, sign a petition supporting the unrepentant terrorist. ....more
Manufactured Outrage By: Robert Spencer
The MSA gets angry with me at SUNY-Stony Brook. ....more
University Indoctrination and the American Electorate By: Orit T. Sklar
Academia’s impact on the 2008 election and beyond. ....more
Looking Ahead by Looking Back By: Asaf Romirowsky / Jerusalem Post
What makes a "balanced" Middle East studies department? ....more
Columbia's Arafat Stooge Professor Rashid Khalidi's background includes an intimate involvement with the PLO. ....more
Occidental Truth By: Daniel Mandel / Azure Online
"Surpassing Shylock" By: Nonie Darwish
A professor at Michigan State University accuses me of being worse than a Shakespearean Jew. ....more
Trashing Sarah Palin By: Reut Cohen / PajamasMedia.com
Lacing higher education with indoctrination is nothing new on U.S. campuses. ....more
Hypocrisy of the Israeli Left By: P. David Hornik
Focusing on “settler” misconduct, ignoring Palestinian horrors. ....more
Study of Israel Can't Be Left to Its Enemies By: Asaf Romirowsky / The Jewish Exponent
Stacking the deck against the Jews. ....more
Metro State Prof Investigated For Palin Assignment By: Shaun Boyd / CBS4Denver.com
More bias in the classrom. ....more
The Finkelstein Lobby Gets Clobbered, Again By: Steven Plaut
Why it's getting harder to whitewash ant-Semitism on campus. ....more
Hiding Sami By: Joe Kaufman
FAU's Islamist professor attempts to make his extremist past disappear. ....more
Campus War on Israel By: Joel Amitai / IsraCampus.org
UCLA immunologist rails against "war crimes" at radical rally. ....more
Are Teachers’ Unions Un-American? By: Lawrence Sand
Thomas Jefferson weighs in. ....more
‘Popular Palestinian Conference’ Peddles Propaganda By: Cinnamon Stillwell
This weekend, Chicago hosts a slew of anti-Israel radicals. ....more
Academia's Token Jews By: Asaf Romirowsky / The Washington Times
Anti-Israeli Jews join Jew-hating Arabs in Middle Eastern Studies departments. ....more
Am I Diverse Enough Now? By: Andrew Quinio / Minding the Campus
Kristof and Double-Standards By: Seth Frantzman
The magician of the pen devolves into anti-Israel clichés. ....more
Professor's Radical Muslim Ties Tariq Ramadan is the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood's founder. ....more
Professor for Jihad Julio Cèsar Pino contributed writings to a now-defunct website that endorsed the mass murder of Jews and Americans. ....more
Answering Israel’s Campus Critics By: Richard L. Cravatts
Some professors want only an echo chamber. ....more

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